Coding Diaries We Can Code IT Podcast: Zaylet

Amazon PXT Team Member Discusses How She Overcame Imposter Syndrome to Pursue Passion for Coding


Zaylet, a former accounting student in Puerto Rico, shares her journey of discovering her passion for software development. Through Amazon's Career Choice Program and attending We Can Code IT, she overcame imposter syndrome.

Zaylet, a We Can Code IT graduate, shares her experience in the tech industry in an interview. Prior to attending We Can Code IT, Zaylet had no background in tech and was working on an accounting degree. However, after working at Amazon, she discovered their Career Choice Program, which led her to pursue her passion for software development. Zaylet explains why she chose We Can Code IT over other coding boot camps and emphasizes her passion for teamwork in coding projects. She shares her experience participating in a four-month competition where she created an Alexa skill in Spanish to help people with reminders about their doctor appointments and medication. Zaylet advises anyone who may be hesitant about pursuing a career in tech to go for it and not doubt themselves. She overcame her own imposter syndrome by working on her skills every day, journaling positive affirmations, and reminding herself that she is capable of success.

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