Employees want more training: out of 4,300, 74% think that they can contribute more. Inadequate training costs 13.5 million per year per 1,00 employees. On-boarding is important: losing employees within the first year can cost up to 3x that person's salary.

Why Corporate Training?

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Recruiting can be a stressful and time-consuming process.  The problem usually isn’t with recruiters – it’s where and how they’re sourcing candidates.  Tap into your own internal talent by bringing us in to assess your employee potential through our proven testing process.

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In addition to the time that it takes to get a new employee up and running, the cost of on boarding employees can be close to $24k for a company. We Can Code IT combats this obstacle by working with your company to make sure your new and current employees have the skills and conceptual understanding needed to help your company thrive and innovate.

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Upskilling and promotion are two sectors of corporate training that are overlooked even though 74% of employees feel like they would like more training throughout there career.  Promotion is a tool that all companies must utilize to retain and recruit their most coveted employees.  The idea of promotion can both attract and keep coveted employees, but this can’t be done without giving them that extra push to get them there.  We can give them that extra push and skill set to keep them feeling relevant and important within your organization.

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Our corporate training program also focuses on re-skilling long-term employees. These employees might find it challenging to be open and flexible when it comes to learning new skills and concepts. We overcome this obstacle by retraining employees on materials in their comfort zone. The result? Newly engaged employees who are ready to learn new concepts – such as agile – in an open environment.

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Cross training employees with technology is imperative in today’s day and age.  Leaders and marketers, though not inherent coders themselves, should be able to understand the basics of coding in order for fluid conversation and communication between all branches of your business.  By allowing us to come into your business and train your other branches on the basics of coding, you will notice a barrier lifted in your business’s internal communication and because of this you will have the ability to get a lot more done.

The Cutting Edge of Code to Success™

By focusing our program around projects, we train your employees in the most relatable and applicable environment – yours.

With our corporate training, you have access to our assessment materials to target the right employees for additional training in computer coding and software development.

Our training includes an agile approach to programming, where projects are structured to incorporate fluidity and flexibility.

Customized Training Courses

  • C# / .NET
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • SQL
  • More available by request

Build a Ready Pipeline of Talent at a Fraction of the Cost

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Minimize transition costs and problems of traditional cross-training

Meet Employers

Engage internal employees and reduce turnover with a path to advancement

Cleveland Coding Bootcamp

Create a diverse, inclusive tech team to spark innovation and increase profits

The Financial Facts

The time consumption and cost of on-boarding new hires can be a burden to companies.  If a developer is paid in the neighborhood of $80–$120K —the hiring and training process costs your business   up to $24K.

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It costs an estimated 20% of an employee's salary to hire and get them trained.*

We Have the Solution

We Can Code IT works with you to quickly train internal talent who already understand your company — and avoid external recruiting for computer coding and software development talent. Increase hiring efficiency and cut expenses by taking advantage of our on-site, customized training and immersive bootcamp model — with the added value of our unique mission to invite and train women, people of color and non-traditional tech talent.

*Center for American Progress

There's funding available for Cuyahoga County businesses!

Check out Skill-Up today, a part of Cuyahoga County’s Department of Development that plans and funds corporate training for businesses such as yours.

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