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What is it like being in a coding bootcamp?


What's it like to be at a We Can Code IT coding bootcamp? It's life changing! Hear what our first group of students have to say and see their experience in pictures.

What is it like being in a coding bootcamp?

“Before coming into the first day of class, I was worried that I would be the only person that didn’t know ANYTHING about computer science and coding. I was relieved to know I wasn’t the only one, and even if I was it would be alright. With the lessons being taught at a slow and steady rate, I was able to ask all the questions I had and get answers. Mel is the only teacher that I’ve had who is constantly supporting each student and helping them achieve their full potential. Each student excels in a different area, and with the way the class is set up, each student can teach and learn from one another. Joining this class was the best decision of my life because I have learned something that will help me have a career, not a job.”  – Jasmine G.

“Mel’s talent and passion for coding are evident from the first day. She has a wealth of information that she enjoys sharing with the class while also allowing each individual to move at their own pace. It is a privilege to be able to learn from someone who wants to pass on her knowledge of coding and is truly invested in each student.” – Kacy E.

“Mel is an amazing woman and instructor. She has a lot of energy, a great attitude and is more than capable of juggling many things at once. She is patient and has very high emotional intelligence. Rumor has it, when she meets with employers, they want to recruit her to work for them. What does that say about her? A lot!” – Noel H.

“Mel is fantastic! She is so personable and fun to have as a teacher, which really lessens the anxiety of learning something completely new. Her patience and drive is unfaltering, making it apparent that her number one goal is to make sure her students learn and have them be prepared to be the best that they can be by the end of the 12 weeks.” – Barbara