Meet We Can Code IT’s Most Recent Graduates at Our Upcoming Virtual Demo Day

For the first time ever employers will get the opportunity to meet with graduates from every one of our programs at the upcoming Virtual Demo Day on Wednesday, April 22nd beginning at 1pm.

If you’re an employer in search of your next great tech hire, Virtual Demo Day has tremendous opportunities for you. You will get the chance to meet graduates with skills in both C# and Java, as well as gain unlimited access to their group projects, resumes, and contact information.

The virtual experience will take place on April 22nd, where employers will get the opportunity to meet with each team in a private zoom call and ask them any questions they have.

Q&A time slots will begin at 1 pm and will last around 15mins each. Please note that this event is for employers only.

Register for Virtual Demo Day today at this link!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Lacey Nichols at or (844) 932-2626 ext. 707.