Coding Bootcamp

The Value of Diversity and Inclusion in Tech


Mel McGee, CEO of We Can Code IT, recognizes a need in the community to get underserved populations the tech skills they need for new lucrative IT careers. “Engineering software and teaching technology for nearly 20 years has given me perspective. I believe nearly everyone can learn how to code.” she says. “If you have the dedication, if you’re willing to work, we’re here to teach you. Not only do you learn the most in-demand skills, we train you how to think like a developer in a welcoming, collaborative environment.”

Great companies know that multiple perspectives help their teams perform better, yet less than 18% of IT teams are comprised of women, African American, and Hispanic populations. We Can Code IT bootcamps address the needs of employers who can’t find enough computer programmers along with needs of those unemployed and underemployed who need tech skills for career changes.

Three of the top five most in-demand occupations are in computer programming, and there will be more than 1 million unfilled tech jobs in IT by 2020. First year software developer salaries in Cleveland average around $50,000. The average experienced software engineer nationwide earns over $90,000 a year. “It’s a no brainer,” says McGee. “Clevelanders need careers that offer financial security. Employers need software developers. The most successful companies understand the financial gain they experience when employing diverse teams.” We Can Code IT hopes to have a significant socioeconomic impact on Cleveland, a city whose poverty rate is nearly 50%.