We Can Code IT Celebrates Six Years of Championing Social Equity Through Technology

Six years ago today We Can Code IT held its first coding bootcamp session. Our first cohort taught us many things and set the foundation for the core values we adhere to at We Can Code IT today. WCCI began in 2013 focusing heavily on community outreach. In 2015, we held our very first cohort with 8 students. Since then our cohorts have grown in size with more students looking to find their start in software development.

Over the years we have witnessed so many individuals come through our program and graduate with the confidence to begin a new chapter in a new career. With each cohort each individual has taught us how to improve and become the best at what we do, for that we are thankful. We applaud our students and our team for being a great example of bridging the gap in tech. Though so much has evolved since the first day of our very first cohort in 2015, the foundation and intention of what we do has always remained the same. “Championing social equity through technology.”

In the years to come, we will continue to strive towards our goal of graduating 10,000 students with 70% of them being underrepresented individuals in tech. We are proud and honored to do the work we do.

Take a walk down memory lane with WCCI by checking out our previous cohorts below, and get the chance to read what 6 years has meant to the WCCI team.

When I look back at where I was when I first started working for WCCI 6 years ago, it truly amazes me to see how much I’ve grown professionally…No matter what challenges we have faced, we have never backed down from our true purpose in existing. Our mission is a really difficult one, but giving up or giving in has never been on the table. 

– Lauren Holloway, Director of Education/Instructor

Working with WCCI over the last 2.5 years has been such a learning and growth experience. I have watched how our program has changed so many lives, the lives of our students and their families…I enjoy the fact that what we do directly impacts someone’s quality of life. 

– Lacey Nichols, Director of Student Success

I’ve had the opportunity to see and understand the impact of the barriers many of our students face in the workforce on an individual level, constantly growing my commitment to our mission, but also leaving me in awe of those that are breaking through those barriers every day. 

– Melissa Myerson, Director of Campus and Compliance

What I enjoy most is seeing the smiles and the sense of accomplishments from our students on the last day as they do their final check-out and speak on the journey they have just come through. 

– Cliff Jenkins, Instructor

Working for a values based company really changes the game…I’ve learned that no person or job is more important than another. We all strive to obtain our goals and uphold our mission and will help each other out without question! 

– Kendra Reynolds, Lead Admissions Representative 

I enjoy being able to see how every decision we make can positively impact the success, careers, and ultimately the lives of our students. I love working with a values-driven team.

– Lauren Holloway, Director of Education/Instructor

coding bootcamp student stories

Our whole team has our Core Target of graduating 10,000 champions by 2030, with 70% underrepresented in technology in sight, and I hope that we can not only meet, but exceed this goal in the years to come. 

– Melissa Myerson, Director of Campus and Compliance

From our humble beginnings as a volunteer organization teaching women software and web development in 2014, to our first coding bootcamp, focused on women, on March 9th, 2015, to our now present day focus on inclusion and diversity, it’s been an adventure helping hundreds of graduates start new careers in tech!

– Mel McGee, CEO & Founder