3 part-time Java Graduates from We Can Code IT

Unveiling the Code: What Do These WCCI Graduates Have in Common?


Discover how We Can Code IT's Java bootcamp transforms careers by fostering a supportive community. Read the inspiring success stories of three graduates - Gian, Lyzz, and Jordan - who transitioned from various fields into tech, all while developing strong bonds and gaining valuable software engineering skills. Embrace the chance to amplify your potential and join a vibrant, tech-focused community

In the thriving world of technology, demand for skilled software engineers has never been higher. At We Can Code IT (WCCI), we’ve crafted a part-time Java bootcamp designed to catapult individuals into their tech dreams. Yet, there’s a particular shared thread that unites the graduates of this transformative program. What could it be?

If you’re interested in learning about these graduates individually, read their stories above. With each graduate coming from a very diverse background, there is much to learn!

For now, here’s a summary.

Gian: Amazon HR Partner Turned Software Engineer

Let’s begin with Gian, a former HR partner at Amazon. With an educational background in business administration, coding was a field he stumbled upon while exploring his entrepreneurial spirit. His curiosity for software engineering led him to WCCI’s bootcamp through Amazon’s Career Choice Program, a step that would forever change his career trajectory.

While Gian relished the practical experience and hands-on learning opportunities, there was something else he cherished during his time at the bootcamp. A certain element that greatly added to his overall experience and was crucial in his transformational journey. But what could that be?

Lyzz: From Educator to Technophile

Next, we turn to Lyzz, an adult education teacher who found her way into technology after the pandemic disrupted traditional teaching methods. Her self-guided exploration in technology led her to WCCI’s bootcamp, an experience she found both challenging and rewarding.

Although the technical skills she gained were instrumental in securing her new role as an associate consultant at Ferrilli, Lyzz frequently talks about another aspect of her bootcamp experience that made a significant difference. But what was this aspect that made her journey to success more enriching?

Jordan: A Journey from Carpentry to Coding

Lastly, let’s look at Jordan, a certified commercial carpenter with no prior coding experience. Securing a grant from Ohio Means Jobs, he enrolled in WCCI’s Java bootcamp and plunged headfirst into the world of software engineering.

Quickly, he discovered the immense support from WCCI’s instructors and students, which played a key role in helping him grasp the intricacies of coding. Before he even graduated, Jordan had already secured a job as a software engineer. But what was this key element that he credits his success to?

The Common Thread

So, what do Gian, Lyzz, and Jordan all have in common besides being WCCI graduates now thriving in their tech careers? The answer: the invaluable community experience at WCCI. They all highly praise the sense of camaraderie, the shared support, and the vibrant friendships formed during their time at WCCI.

This intangible yet essential factor made their journey not only successful but enjoyable. It shaped their experiences, contributed to their success, and instilled a lasting sense of belonging.

Could you be the next Gian, Lyzz, or Jordan? Can you envision yourself as part of a supportive and stimulating community that will help you grow professionally and personally? If so, our part-time Java bootcamp awaits you. Unleash your potential and discover where your journey will take you.