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Cleveland Coding Bootcamp Graduate Starts New Career at The Cleveland Orchestra


Coding bootcamp graduate Kelli Valverde was determined to evolve in her career and manifest the success she wanted. She had a budding interest in software development and web design after a ten-year career as a graphic designer. Kelli decided We Can Code IT was the place to find the support she needed in taking her career to the next level. Her decision would pay off when just months after graduating, she would achieve her goal by landing a full-time UX/QA Designer position with The Cleveland Orchestra. Learn more about her journey to achievement, and how our program helped prepare her for her new role.

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Cleveland Coding Bootcamp Graduate Starts New Career at Progressive


Unsatisfied with her previous work experience, the recommendation of an associate would lead her to seek a start in software development at We Can Code IT.  With support from Mayor Frank G. Jackon's Neighborhood Transformation Initiative, Angel was able to fund half of her tuition cost through their grant. The risk she took would prove to pay off as just months after graduating Angel would achieve her goal in landing a full-time software development position at Progressive.

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You Don’t Look Like a Programmer


After talking about the weather, one of the easiest ways to strike up a conversation with someone is to ask them "what do you do?" Like you, I've been asked this a lot. I don't know what kind of responses you get, but one of the top ten I receive is, "Really? You don't look like a programmer!" I usually smile, and try to find something witty to say, often asking them in return what they think a programmer should look like.

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We Can Code IT Reaches Out at Ingenuity Fest


Over 3,000 people gathered at IngenuityFest in Cleveland, and for the second year in a row, We Can Code IT engaged visitors with our technology outreach program. We delighted guests with our Artificial Intelligence chatbots, Skeletorbot and Zoebot. We enthralled Clevelanders with our Community Glass display. We taught visitors about computational thinking through the programming language, Scratch. The event culminated with Mel speaking as a panelist, explaining the importance of getting girls and women in to tech, at Meet the Makers. Thank you to our amazing volunteers! These wonderful images are provided by Lauren Holloway.

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We Can Code IT featured at Cleveland Mini Maker Faire


We Can Code IT founders Mel McGee and Shana Mysko were featured at the Cleveland Mini Makers Faire. The pair showed children how to program their own chat bots using a program developed by their sister company, imageNation Web Experts, called Zoe Bot.   Zoe Bot is an online, interactive, artificial intelligence application that will chat with a user.  The kids were able to make their own chat bots as well that would respond to them.   Mel demonstrated Skeletorbot, her artificial intelligence chatting skeleton, and showed kids how she created it. Skeletorbot chatted with visitors as they passed by, hopefully not creeping [...]

We Can Code IT featured at Cleveland Mini Maker Faire2014-05-22T16:09:33+00:00
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