What do these part time coding bootcamp students have in common

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Gian’s Story


Explore Gian's journey from HR Partner at Amazon to Software Engineer with We Can Code IT, funded by Amazon's Career Choice program. Learn how his coding skills transformed his career, landing him a role at JPMorgan Chase.

Gian’s Story2023-07-31T14:49:22-04:00

Lyzz’s Story


Lyzz Hans isn’t your run-of-the-mill technophile. She has a master's degree in adult education, and she taught GED prep in a men’s correctional facility before attending We Can Code IT. She found the job extremely rewarding but always had an interest in technology. Read her story here!

Lyzz’s Story2023-07-31T12:14:21-04:00

Jordan Easter’s Story


Jordan was a carpenter before he decided to attend our coding bootcamp. He was able to pursue a new career because of a grant from Ohio Means Jobs. Jordan was hired quickly after following instructions perfectly from our Career Advancement team. Read his story here!

Jordan Easter’s Story2023-07-31T12:19:51-04:00
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