We Can Code IT Reaches Out at Ingenuity Fest

Coding Bootcamp

Over 3,000 people gathered at IngenuityFest in Cleveland, and for the second year in a row, We Can Code IT engaged visitors with our technology outreach program. We delighted guests with our Artificial Intelligence chatbots, Skeletorbot and Zoebot. We enthralled Clevelanders with our Community Glass display. We taught visitors about computational thinking through the programming […]

Scratch: Make Giga Walk

Girls in STEM: Scratch Tutorials Girl to girl. Mira’s Scratch Programming tutorials aimed at kids. Mira shows kids how to code and animate the character, Giga, so she walks across the screen. It’s easy to learn to code! Scratch is free and is used online. Just go to http://scratch.mit.edu.Play the Make Giga Walk Animation! Press […]

Scratch: Make a Ball Bounce

Girls in STEM As part of Mira’s We Can Code IT Series on Scratch, she shows you a very simple tutorial on how to make a ball bounce. Scratch is free and is used online. Just go to http://scratch.mit.edu. Play the Make a Ball Bounce Animation! Press the green flag to start. Press the red stop […]