Protecting the Digital World: The Monumental Achievements of Cybersecurity Professionals

Discover the crucial role of cybersecurity professionals in safeguarding our digital world. From thwarting ransomware attacks to securing national elections, their achievements highlight the urgent need for skilled experts in this field. Learn how you can join this dynamic career through a comprehensive cybersecurity bootcamp at We Can Code IT. Dive into the stories of these digital defenders and find out why the world needs more cybersecurity heroes today.

Switching Bootcamps: Donald’s Journey to Success with We Can Code IT

Discover how Donald, a veteran, successfully transitioned to a tech career by switching from a front-end bootcamp to We Can Code IT’s Java Full-Stack program. Learn about his journey, the hands-on learning experience, and the supportive community that helped him thrive. Watch his full interview to get inspired and see why We Can Code IT could be the right choice for you.

5 Ways Java Developers Have Advanced Our World

We Can Code IT Diverse Bootcamp Students

Discover how Java developers, from fresh faces in the field to seasoned pros, are quietly transforming our world. From revolutionizing finance and healthcare to driving e-commerce and public sector innovation, learn about the pivotal roles these programmers play across industries. This blog post explores five key areas where Java developers are making an impact, proving that even entry-level coders have the power to shape our future. Join us at We Can Code IT to start your journey as a Java developer and become part of this influential community. Your code can change the world—find out how.

Mel and Andy Discuss the Most Effective Ways to Land Jobs in Cyber

In this concise discussion, CEOs Mel from We Can Code IT and Andy from Fortress Security Risk Management explore the critical aspects of cybersecurity. They touch on the growing threat landscape, the demand for skilled professionals, and the importance of specialized training. This insightful exchange sheds light on the career opportunities within cybersecurity and the educational pathways to enter this vital field.

Unveiling the Code: What Do These WCCI Graduates Have in Common?

3 part-time Java Graduates from We Can Code IT

Discover how We Can Code IT’s Java bootcamp transforms careers by fostering a supportive community. Read the inspiring success stories of three graduates – Gian, Lyzz, and Jordan – who transitioned from various fields into tech, all while developing strong bonds and gaining valuable software engineering skills. Embrace the chance to amplify your potential and join a vibrant, tech-focused community

We Can Code IT Chosen as Education Partner for Amazon’s Career Choice Program

We Can Code IT, a tech education provider, has been selected as an education partner for Amazon’s Career Choice program for the third consecutive year. This program provides prepaid tuition for Amazon’s hourly employees to learn new skills. We Can Code IT contributes its award-winning software and web development course to the initiative, supporting Amazon’s commitment to employee empowerment and continuous learning.