February 8, 2015

Getting started in Minecraft (part 3 or 3) Add a door to your house. Interact with items.

Minecraft for beginners. Add a door to your house. Interact with objects in Minecraft.
August 12, 2014
How to become a web developer

Logic Gates in Minecraft

We use our Girl-friendly Minecraft server to teach STEM computational thinking and engineering concepts!
July 21, 2014

Minecraft Amusement Park Workshop w/Redstone

This workshop has come and gone. Check out our latest workshop, Make Your Own Haunted House Adventure in Scratch. We will have another one soon, so please sign up for our newsletter for updates! View the Educational Outcomes of this Workshop. Minecraft in Education This workshop is for the girls! Play Minecraft and learn logic skills while doing it. It’s a bit like hiding peas in the mac and cheese. Girls, ages 8+, love it because they are creating theme-park like rides in Minecraft. You’ll love it because they are learning the fundamental logic structures behind programming and engineering while they are doing it. Are you interested in hanging out too and learning what in the world your kids are doing while they play Minecraft? No problem, adults, just get an extra ticket for yourself, and let us know you’re tagging along. Proudly offered by We Can Code It, with support from Bizdom Cleveland, we’ll provide fun instruction, donuts, and juice for the girls. You provide a computer (let us know if you need to borrow one when you get your tickets, and we’ll set you up). [one_half] Girls Make an amusement park in Minecraft! Make a dunk tank! Create a photo booth! Make a Minecraft Roller Coaster! [/one_half][one_half_last] Adults Feel free to get a ticket for yourself if you’d like. Your girls will be learning logic structures that help them in all walks of life, but also form a strong foundational understanding for engineering and programming! Yep, we’re hiding peas in the mac and cheese! Circuit design Logic structures (And/Or/Xor . . .) Programming skills Computational thinking Problem solving Seeing with engineering and computational / expressive perspectives [/one_half_last] Where Bizdom Cleveland at Tower City 250 W. Huron Rd. Suite 203 Cleveland, OH 44113 (We’ll send you exact directions in an email) [vsgmap address=”250 W. Huron Rd., Cleveland, OH 44113″ height=”200″] When Saturday, Aug 16, 2014. 10 AM to 12PM. Register Now! Online Ticketing for Minecraft Amusement Park (Intro to Logic Structures and Circuits) for Girls powered by Eventbrite Are you interested in learning coding, programming, or development? We Can Code IT is a Cleveland-based non-profit whose mission is to empower females in tech by teaching them how to code. We offer a series of workshops and seminars focusing on programming, web, and mobile development. Follow Us!