November 21, 2017
Darin Meraz Coding Bootcamp Graduate

Certified Coder Boot Camp vs. College Education

Certified Coder Boot Camp vs. College Education If you’re looking to break into the booming tech field, there’s no better time than now. But whether you’re fresh out of school or looking to make a mid-life career change, what’s the best way to get started? For those who want to find a well-paying career in IT, two of the most popular options include going to a college and a certified coder boot camp. While both paths of education are great options, there are some important differences between the two. Keep reading to learn more about which choice might be the right one for you.

“After the We Can Code IT on-site training at University Hospitals, we embraced Agile software development methodology with tremendous success. On a project that was not going well, we were able to develop 1-week iterations where we did a mini-planning session on Monday, committed to stories for the week and then completely tested them by the end of the week. Our teams have really enjoyed moving to a more structured Agile environment with much more collaboration.”

– Andy Laytin, Manager, IT Development, SQL DBAs Architecture, University Hospitals

It takes 6 to 9 months to bring a new developer up to speed. In IT, recruiting top talent is super competitive. So it makes sense to train your internal talent pool, right? A great idea, but most companies find cross-training employees is time-consuming and demands training expertise they don’t always have.  We can help you with this process by applying our assessment tools.  These will help you find out which employees would be best for cross-training as well as which canidates are most adept to join your company.

When growth or turnover hits your IT team, research shows it costs a business about 20% of an employee’s salary to hire and train new talent. If a developer is paid in the neighborhood of $80–$120K —the hiring and training process costs your business up to $24K.*