Switching Bootcamps: Donald’s Journey to Success with We Can Code IT


Discover how Donald, a veteran, successfully transitioned to a tech career by switching from a front-end bootcamp to We Can Code IT’s Java Full-Stack program. Learn about his journey, the hands-on learning experience, and the supportive community that helped him thrive. Watch his full interview to get inspired and see why We Can Code IT could be the right choice for you.
Are you considering a career change into tech but unsure where to start? Meet Donald, a veteran who found his path to success with We Can Code IT’s Java Full-Stack program.

Realizing the Need for More

Donald initially attended another coding bootcamp focused on front-end technologies like JavaScript. He soon realized that this wasn’t enough to gain the competitive edge needed for a successful career transition.

Discovering We Can Code IT

After researching different options, Donald found We Can Code IT’s comprehensive Java Full-Stack program. Here, he discovered the instructional quality and community support he needed to thrive.

Hands-On Learning

“At We Can Code IT, I received hands-on experience from day one. Our instructors emphasized learning by doing,” Donald recalls. He worked on various projects, including a guessing game and a budgeting web application, which helped him hone his skills.

Supportive Instructors

“The instructors at We Can Code IT were phenomenal,” Donald says. They provided insights beyond the curriculum and were always available to help, whether through office hours or one-on-one guidance.

Career Services Impact

Donald also praises the career services team for preparing him for the job market. “They showed me how to effectively use LinkedIn and other tools to connect with potential employers,” he explains.

Encouragement for Prospective Students

For those considering We Can Code IT, Donald advises, “If you’re on the fence, don’t delay. The program is challenging but incredibly rewarding. The support here will help you overcome any obstacles.”