From Classroom to Code: Rose Minton’s Journey to Becoming a Product Specialist


Discover how Rose Minton transitioned from teaching to tech with We Can Code IT. Learn about her journey, the support she received, and how she landed a role as a Product Specialist at New Innovations. Transform your career with our inclusive and comprehensive coding bootcamps.

Meet Rose Minton, a previous educator with an MBA in Management of Information Systems who decided to pivot her career to programming. Her first-hand account shows the power of coding bootcamps, providing an example of how our bootcamps can help individuals achieve their dreams, regardless of their age or background.

Rose’s first encounter with our full-stack Java bootcamp was through her employer at the time, Amazon, which sponsored her We Can Code IT cohort. She explains, “Amazon is meticulous about choosing good quality courses for teachers. They’re paying for these courses, so they aren’t going to go with a program that doesn’t work for their employees. I also looked at it and liked the website along with the testimonies of students who attended.”

Although Rose had some programming experience, she hadn’t used these skills in over a decade. She shared, “My programming skills were rusty. It had been 10-20 years since I taught visual basic and some Java. I had to update myself because it was over 10 years since I taught it.” Considering the tech industry is rapidly evolving, it was appropriate for Rose to start fresh and re-learn how to program.

Rose recalled her experience with the instructors as an extremely positive experience. Rose explained that “I thought the instructors were really excellent. Being on that side of teaching, I was amazed at how they could handle such a large number of students, especially with the technical calls. They were very friendly, patient, and made the course fun.”

One of the most rewarding aspects of Rose’s experience was the sense of community she found within her cohort. “I made a lot of friends,” she said. “People were very helpful, and we worked as a team. Even if you weren’t working on a project with someone, people would help out. We still are close-knit and keep in touch. I feel like I’ve made some lifelong friends. We encourage each other and give tips.”

As an older student, Rose had initial concerns about her employability in the tech industry. However, the career services team helped her overcome these fears. “Because I am an older person, I was worried. I thought nobody would hire me. But I am also a continuous learner. I never got that concern from the We Can Code IT folks. They helped me see that this wasn’t the case at all. I learned not to be afraid of people turning me away because of my age.”

Rose’s journey learning Full-stack Java has opened up wonderful new career opportunities. She is now a Product Specialist at New Innovations, She initially secured a part-time job teaching HTML after bootcamp. “I got a job right away teaching HTML. It was through WCCI’s job postings, and it was ideal because I was looking for part-time jobs. Once I start to really get serious, there are so many opportunities,” she said.

Rose is grateful for her decision to join the program. “I am glad I went through the program. I think it is going to be life-changing for me. What I was looking for, I believe I got. I am in the programming field, and I am glad I made this decision,” she concluded.

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