Responding to Social Inequity


Dear We Can Code IT community,

Outside of our We Can Code IT community, the country is in a time of deep sorrow, anger, and uncertainty. The inequities of institutionalized racism, the deep economic divide amongst social classes, and the unhealed wounds of many injustices have come to a head. As sickness and social unrest surround us, we look to our mission of Championing Social Equity through Technology, and our values surrounding “Championing diversity and inclusion”, “Owning our own stuff”, and “Striving to understand.”

I can never know what it would be like to live in this world as anything other than a white woman. I can only strive to understand the suffering, the frustration, the pains of my friends, peers, and community members. I can support and help with the common fight towards equality. I can listen empathetically and give of myself to right any wrongs that have been committed.

The political climate we are in is unrighteously leading to finger-pointing and projecting instead of owning our own stuff. Feeling anger from a history of oppression is appropriate. In the wake of pain and sorrow, we can grieve together. And when the time is right, we can help each other up. We can heal together by lifting our voices in protest to create awareness of injustice. We can join together to make a meaningful change in this world. We can actively champion equity and inclusion through education and economic empowerment.

My ask from our community is that you support your fellow graduates, classmates, and peers. Do the right thing and honor these values. Strive to understand each other and what our community stands for in order to bring equity to all. Champion inclusion throughout your organizations. Together we can join to create a better future on the heels of past transgressions.

As a part of the We Can Code IT community, please know that we are here to offer you support and guidance through this crisis. Whatever assistance you need, we are here to help. We stand by our values and are committed to your success, both personally and professionally. If you are in need or want to give back, please contact us at


Mel McGee
CEO and Founder, We Can Code IT