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NEW Nationwide Remote Coding Bootcamp

Online Remote Developer Skills

Become a Remote Software Developer in 14-Weeks

Remote, Team-based Instruction

Online, Monday – Friday from 9:30 am – 3:30 pm

Full-Stack Java Focus

Delivered to you online in a remote-work style setting!

Upcoming Start Date

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How It Works

  • By learning in a simulated work environment you will emerge from this course ready to start a remote (or in-person) web or software development career. Using the same format as our In-Person Program, you will work remotely with your instructors, in pairs, and in Agile Development Teams to create software and apps!
  • By working in a remote work environment you will emerge from the We Can Code IT Coding Bootcamp with not only remote working skills, but solid skills in the highly stable field of software and web development. You’ll be ready to start a career in web development, software development, software test-engineer, QA, and related highly-stable, and high-paying fields! The benefit of our unique approach, the Korda Method of training,  is that you have a natural head start over other graduates as you’ll be completing projects as if you were working in the field!
  • Remote work is the norm these days, and our program is specifically designed to give you all the skills you’ll need to excel as a virtual web or software developer.  Once we’ve sharpened your skills and given you the career-search tools you’ll need, we’ll introduce you to many employers who have been searching high and low for talent like yours, backed by a trusted We Can Code IT Full-Stack Java Education.  Over 90% of our job-seeking graduates land lucrative new careers in the tech industry within 6 months of graduation.

What You’ll Learn


    Learn modern implementations of Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Object-Oriented programming, APIs, REST along with supporting languages and tools!


    Our expert GitHub trained educators will guide you through Git and GitHub to share your code and project status with teams. You’ll learn to use tools like Slack to communicate with your team and share ideas.  Online conferencing with recorded workshops will allow you to see your teammates and instructors easily. Google Jam Board will help you ideate together. Other pair-programming tools, and remote sharing tools will be utilized so that you have a full understanding of how best to collaborate with teams online.


    Test-driven development, pair-programming, and Scrum are at the heart of our working paradigm. Clean coding practices start in week one. Unlike other colleges or coding bootcamps, we teach you the best techniques so that you develop solid software development practices that will last a lifetime!

How You’ll Learn It

We Can Code IT uses the latest educational methods of true problem and project-based learning that have been shown to increase the depth of understanding in a shorter period of time (all while having a ton of fun learning by building cool stuff)! You’ll utilize online conferencing, Git and Github, Slack, and other remote tools that are ubiquitous in the workplace, to come together and work on projects that will create a portfolio of work. 

Our instructors are not only software developers, but are trained in education!
This is huge.

Why? Because, if you’ve ever met a standard software developer, you’ll quickly find that they aren’t typically the most outgoing human beings. Most old-school devs are considered extroverts when they look at someone else’s shoes instead of their own. Competing programs to ours boast the expertise of their instructors, but that’s meaningless to students who want to actually *learn*!

Ask our students and grads. Our instructors are passionate about your future! They work tirelessly with you to help you grasp concepts, and celebrate your victories. It’s what makes us different. It’s what makes us a Best Coding Bootcamp for four years in a row!

Results-Oriented Progressive Tech Education

No matter which location or cohort you choose, we offer a modern educational experience including collaborative learning, capstone projects, and a strong focus on career services.

Our Promise to You

Learn software and web development skills in a progressive, collaborative atmosphere that best prepares you for real-world tech careers. Our program is structured to provide you support needed to ensure that you are understanding the concepts and applying it throughout your project work correctly. 

Small Group Tutoring

Small-group tutoring sessions offered weekly to help you overcome hurdles. Tutoring increases student success.

One-on-One Assistance

There’s help when you need it through direct instructor question and answer sessions as well as through our Slack channels. Studies show one-on-one attention increases student learning by 2 sigmas! Opportunities for Professional Growth

Invitations to online events ranging from code competitions, curated meetups, seminars, hackathons, and more.

Hear from our Students

We Can Code IT students come from a wide range of backgrounds. Many start our program with no coding experience and graduate to launch successful tech careers.

Student Stories

Lyzz’s Story

Lyzz Hans isn’t your run-of-the-mill technophile. She has a master's degree in adult education, and she taught GED prep in a men’s correctional facility before attending We Can Code IT. She found the job extremely rewarding but always had an interest in technology. Read her story here!

Emmanuel’s Story

After taking advice from his military chief, Emmanuel decided to pursue his interest in computer science through attending a coding bootcamp. WCCI accepts GI Bills and Chapter 31 or 33 benefits. Read about how Emmanuel started out in military bootcamp then worked his way to coding bootcamp!

Tyrique’s Story

Tyrique was never fond of school. He discovered the concept of a coding bootcamp through a friend, but wanted to make sure he was in a suitable learning environment. He attended our PreSkill program for basic tech training, then realized his calling for coding. Read his story here!

Dawna Natale’s Story

After getting her Bachelors in Chemistry, Dawna decided she wanted to re-explore an education in tech despite losing touch with her passion after high school. Read how Dawna efficiently balanced bootcamp with daily life.

Jennifer Jones’s Story

Jennifer realized it was time for a career change after she returned from her study abroad experience in Africa. With the help of her friend's recommendation, she decided to attend We Can Code IT. Find out how Jennifer got the first job in tech that she interviewed for!

Five Women To Watch

Read about how five professional women found their footing and led their team to success during We Can Code IT's part-time coding bootcamp!

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