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Commonly Asked Questions About React:

What is “React”?

If there was more time, they would be able to incorporate it into bootcamp. Would come out with some example apps to move forward with. There would be a change for some individual work and teamwork.

Additional design patterns. For example, going from a class structure to a functional structure. What are the latest trends in react as of the last year so they can integrate on a team that would be using the newest tools and feel comfortable doing it. 

Can you also be in a C# cohort to learn JavaScript?

It doesn’t matter what bootcamp program they’re coming from, they can do it. Both programs (C# and Java) have the same javascript training so no matter what, the students will have similar backgrounds. 

What benefits does the React workshop provide for graduates?

If grads went on Indeed and searched for a front end developer, the react frame would show up for a lot of jobs. If you searched for React developers, a ton of jobs would show up. At least a 20% lead on the next top framework. 

If you were to search for jobs online on Indeed, you would find that adding a background in React would increase your job opportunities by 50%. It is important to have the foundation of information learned at the original full-stack bootcamp because the skills taught contain classical information. The Java and C# teachings will never become outdated, and it is important to have this basis of clear understanding before moving on to the React or JavaScript workshop. This is why React is designed for students who have graduated from our full-stack bootcamp.

What is JavaScript? How does it differ from Java?

JavaScript is a scripting language, which is what makes it very different from Java. It can be interpreted by your web browser. Javascript can be both a back and front end language but its strengths are in front end web development. 

Everything you see on your webpage, if you react with that page, it would be the Javascript that’s doing it. Clicking, scrolling through images, liking, commenting, filling out forms, that’s all JavaScript. 

Java would be strictly a back end language (wouldn’t be interpreted by browsers) Java has the ability to control the info you see on a webpage but not with how you interact with that information.  For example,  Java will never be embedded in a webpage the way JavaScript would be.

Why choose to learn JavaScript?

If you’re going to become a front end developer, you have to be comfortable with JavaScript. Those front end roles can be way more complicated than some people think. Having this experience makes people twice as marketable. 

Why not take a JavaScript or a React bootcamp only?

You can, there are some schools out there that will teach only React, but it limits you to about 50% of the jobs you can qualify for. If you don’t allow yourself to get the back end knowledge, you won’t be equipped with what is useful for a back end developer or full-stack developer role. A Java or C# bootcamp will teach the basics and classics that never change with time. However, React could potentially change with time, so it is important to have that strong foundation.