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Learn Ruby: The Crown Jewel of Coding (3-day coding kickstart intensive)
May 9, 2017
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Beginning Javascript: Create Dynamic Online Design (3-day coding kickstart intensive)
May 14, 2017
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Python: The Holy Grail of Programming (3-day coding kickstart intensive)


Join us for 3 days of hands-on Python led by industry experts. Your quest to find the perfect beginning programming language is over!


Python for Beginners:

The Holy Grail of Programming

Your quest to find the perfect beginning programming language is over! Python is a great language for people who are both learning how to code, and programmers who want to expand their skill set.  With many easy-to-use libraries, Python has the most real-world uses than any other programming language.

3-day, hands-on class taught by pros.

What You’ll Learn

Essential concepts and skills

An introduction to Python programming

How to write your first programs

How to code control statements

How to define and use functions and modules

How to test and debug a program

How to work with lists and tuples

Other concepts and skills

How to work with numbers

How to work with strings

How to work with dates and times

How to work with dictionaries

What are libraries?

How to find the right library for your needs

How to install libraries

How to include libraries

How to use libraries in general

Working with Data

An introduction to working with Python for data analytics.


Ability to pass programming tutorials on (or similar)

Location: 50 Public Square, Suite 200 (Terminal Tower), Cleveland, OH 44113

Additional information

6/23/17-6/25/17, 8/4/17-8/6/17