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Python: The Holy Grail of Programming (3-day coding kickstart intensive)
May 9, 2017
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Learn Ruby: The Crown Jewel of Coding (3-day coding kickstart intensive)


Learn the essentials of the Ruby programming language. Experience hands-on training taught by experts in the field during this 3-day course.


Learn Ruby: The Crown Jewel of Coding (3-day Learning Module)

Created and taught by industry experts, a collaboration between software development group, The Refinery and We Can Code IT, this hands-on, 3-day course covers the fundamental components Ruby.

Audience: Beginners and those who need a refresher on programming (see prerequisites below).

What you’ll learn:

The fundamentals of Ruby
How to work with Ruby libraries, gems, and documentation
How to build a Ruby application
A taste of Ruby web frameworks and how to use them


Ability to pass programming tutorials on (or similar)


Location: 50 Public Square, Suite 200 (Terminal Tower), Cleveland, OH 44113

Additional information

6/27 -6/29/17

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