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Python: The Holy Grail of Programming (3-day coding kickstart intensive)
May 9, 2017
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HTML & CSS for Beginners: The “Not-So-Secret” Code To Web Development (3-day or 5-evening coding kickstart intensive)
May 15, 2017
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Beginning Javascript: Create Dynamic Online Design (3-day coding kickstart intensive)


Learn Javascript hands-on from industry experts at We Can Code IT! Fast-paced, 3-day, experiential learning to help improve your skills and open up a world of coding to you.


In this 3-day training course, you’ll learn to use JavaScript effectively to make webpages more dynamic and functional.  JavaScript is highly recognized by developers and is responsible for most of the functional and interactive features of websites on the modern internet.  Bring your own web design project or work with our instructors to create one that interests you!

What You’ll Learn

JavaScript Basics
JavaScript Variables
Built-in Functions
Built-In JavaScript Objects
Conditionals and Loops
JavaScript Form Validation
Images, Windows, and Timers
Navigator, History, and Location Objects


Experience in HTML and CSS 

Location: 50 Public Square, Suite 200 (Terminal Tower), Cleveland, OH 44113

Additional information

6/09/17- 6/11/17, 7/21/17- 7/23/17, 8/11-8/13/17