Coding Bootcamp Scholarships

Scholarships are available! We work closely with Ohio Means Jobs and other funders to get you retrained affordably.

We Can Code IT provides scholarships to students to help those underrepresented or those who are in need afford tuition! Between internal assistance, community partners, and employers associated scholarships, we work hard to help you afford your education and change your life!

Coding Bootcamp Cost



Registration Fee


Coding Bootcamp Financing

HFLA (Cleveland Only)

  • Bad or no credit is accepted
  • Requires a co-signer
  • Interest free loans


  • Unique to highly-rated bootcamps
  • Eligibility dependent on credit history
  • Bootcamp Expense Loans

Ohio Means Jobs

  • Up to full tuition
  • For certain unemployed workers
  • Must qualify through the state

Installment Plans

  • Doesn’t rely on credit history
  • Easy installments throughout bootcamp
  • Easy Installment Plan Option


  • Up to full tuition
  • For Veterans and their families nationwide
  • Chapter 31, chapter 33, VET TEC, and GI Bills are accepted

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