At We Can Code IT, we don’t just teach technical skills, we launch careers. Our courses not only equip you with top-tier tech skills but also help you land the job of your dreams.

Why Learn With We Can Code IT?

Our mission is to champion social equity through technology. 89% of our graduates are from diverse populations that are underrepresented in tech. 

Companies Who Hire Our Grads Include...

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How Our Career Services Team Works With You:

Employer Spotlights

Our career coaches connect you with Employer Spotlights, offering a personalized approach to understanding different tech companies. They help you analyze these insights, focusing on opportunities and cultures that align with your career aspirations. This individualized attention ensures you gain the most from these sessions.

Mock Interviews: Preparing for Success

Our career coaches conduct mock interviews using Hiration’s platform, which includes tools and question libraries specific to tech roles. This provides a one-on-one environment where our graduates can practice and improve. The coaches offer tailored feedback based on your performance, utilizing real-time feedback features from Hiration to help refine your interviewing skills. This personalized approach ensures the coaching suits your personal style and strengths, preparing you effectively for technical interviews in the tech sector.

Job Search Placement Support and Resources

All graduates of We Can Code IT will benefit from ongoing support in their job search, receiving notifications about relevant job opportunities available through our network. Additionally, graduates enjoy continued access to our comprehensive curriculum and learning resources even after completing the program. This allows them to continually sharpen their skills and stay updated with the latest technological advancements.


View pre-recorded webinars designed to enhance your job search skills. These webinars can be accessed at your convenience, allowing you to reference the valuable tips and strategies they contain from anywhere, at any time. This flexible resource is tailored to help you navigate the job market more effectively and confidently.

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