Our Mission

We Can Code IT teaches people how to code, with a special emphasis on inclusion and diversity in tech. We bridge the gap for those underrepresented in tech, the same groups susceptible to low to moderate incomes, through education in software engineering and web development in adult workforce development coding boot camps.
Three of the top five most in-demand occupations are in computer programming. Programming pays extremely well. The average software engineer in the US earns over $90,000 annually. This is of particular importance to Women, African Americans, and Hispanic Americans because people in such groups are the most susceptible to being in low to moderate income levels. Furthermore, women, African Americans, and Hispanic Americans in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields earn of 28-29% more than their non-STEM counterparts. Tech also has a very low unemployment rate of about 2%.


There’s a problem though, employers can’t find enough programmers. On top of that, they crave diversity in their IT departments. Great companies know that multiple perspectives help their teams perform better, which increases their bottom line, yet less than 18% of IT teams are comprised of women, African American, and Hispanic populations.


The solution is obvious: help those who are in need of a positive career change do so quickly. That’s why our coding bootcamps work. We immerse our students in the most in-demand programming languages and technologies over the course of three to five months. Students learn rapidly because of our single-subject focus, collaborative environment, and problem-based approach. This accelerated approach has rapidly gained acceptance with employers. They know that they gain great entry-level software developers, and employees with grit and determination!
We work with community organizations and employers who want to make a difference. A diverse group of experienced programmers and teachers, we provide the training and career support that our students need. We help employers find talented programmers that have the skills they seek. We help students turn their lives around and gain careers in the lucrative IT industry.