Nina's Story

Nina Payne’s Story


Nina Payne was a year into a bachelor's program for computer science when she discovered We Can Code IT's coding program. She quickly transitioned out of the bachelors program and into bootcamp. then landed a job before she graduated from her 14 week program.

Bootcamp Student Lands A Job Prior To Graduation, Credits Her Short Job Search To The We Can Code IT Career Advancement Coaches

Nina Payne had her Associates in Computer Science before attending We Can Code IT (WCCI) full-time C# bootcamp. She was one year into her bachelor’s in computer science when she heard about WCCI from a friend. After learning of the accelerated program, Nina readjusted her schedule and was ready for bootcamp as soon as she received her associates degree. 

Nina Payne

Once Nina was enrolled in bootcamp, her experience with WCCI instructors was more than she could have hoped for. “I liked that we had a good group of people in my cohort. The instructors were great. The way they taught the curriculum was very impactful and taught me so much more than I had experienced getting my associates in IT. I was able to learn how to code in a professional but comfortable environment where questions are always welcomed. The people made it an all-around better, awesome experience,” said Nina.

When asked about how her bootcamp experience differed from her previous coding knowledge, Nina made a telling comment, “The way they taught several concepts regarding IT code base in general made the light bulb come on. Concepts I struggled with before were easier to grasp once I was in bootcamp. The instructors made sense of complicated features of code. It’s a unique experience you can’t find just anywhere.”

When it comes to finding a job, Nina did not struggle. She mentioned how she found a job before bootcamp ended, “My job search was really easy. I had a job before I got out of my cohort. The staff at WCCI threw my name out there and I ended up getting the first job. My [Career Advancement] coach was the forerunner for that. It wasn’t my magic, it was his magic,” Nina exclaimed.

During her interview, Nina credited a lot of her success to her Career Advancement Coach’s tutelage in job seeking and interviewing techniques. She was grateful for his assistance, “He [Nina’s Career Advancement Coach] was always checking in. He would give super beneficial information. Sometimes I would practice interviews with him. He would give me feedback and tell me what I did well and what I could improve on. His feedback was a necessity and I took it to heart. His advice impacted how quickly I was able to get a job,” Nina expressed. 

Today, Nina is working for Progressive as a systems test engineer. She continues to expand her tech knowledge while employing the techniques she was taught in bootcamp. “In bootcamp, you learned how to learn, it’s a unique experience” said Nina. She is using her newfound knowledge while, “Taking strides towards (creating) new processes at Progressive. ”


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