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New Intensive Summer Programming Classes Offered by Software Coding Bootcamp


CLEVELAND, OH – We Can Code IT, a leader in software development training, announced today that summer programming classes are now available to teach the most in-demand computer languages in only 3 to 5 days.

The new series focuses on languages that Cleveland area employers consider required skills for their job candidates. These intensive classes on HTML, Python, Ruby and other widely-used languages will be offered in addition to We Can Code IT’s more comprehensive 12-week and 20-week bootcamps teaching software development from the ground up.

“We get several calls a week from students and teachers, as well as software developers, asking if we offer classes on specific programming languages,” says Leslie Evans, President of We Can Code IT.  “Some people are looking to try coding for the first time and others are looking to grow their skill set. That’s why we created these intensive classes.”  

We Can Code IT is located on Public Square in the Terminal Tower and offers classes in HTML, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby computer programming languages, as well as game development. “While there are several online resources where students and professionals can try to learn these languages on their own, we offer on-site instructors who are experts in their field and provide personalized support in a collaborative environment,” adds Evans.

Classes will be offered during weekends and evenings, in addition to weekdays, to fit summer schedules. “With students and teachers off for much of the summer, and with seasoned professionals looking to learn a new programming language, our goal was to offer a schedule that makes it easy for anyone to take one or two classes this summer,” says Evans.

Mel McGee, We Can Code IT’s founder and CEO, is excited to offer these new project-based courses taught by industry-leading experts from the Cleveland area. “These summer intensive courses are for all types of students, whether they want to learn web design or build applications. Students come away with practical skills and valuable assets for careers in the tech industry,” says McGee.

The summer series kicks off on June 2nd with the first HTML course. To see the entire class schedule, or to register, go to