New Coding Pre-Bootcamp Allows Potential Students to Test Opportunities of Software Development with Fewer Risks

Software developer is frequently cited as one of the best and most in demand professions in the United States, with US News recently listing it as the best job of 2019.  Developers are in high demand, with opportunities only projected to grow, and enjoy high average salaries and other perks on the job. Yet, these jobs are some of the hardest to fill.

Recently, We Can Code IT was awarded a grant from the Mayor’s Office’s Neighborhood Transformation Initiative, covering a significant portion of our Software Development Bootcamp’s tuition for students from targeted neighborhoods, those most underrepresented in tech.  The hope was that, by removing financial barriers, more future developers would be able to take advantage of these opportunities, and fill the growing need that companies in our area have for these skills. But it quickly became apparent that the barriers were not only monetary.

Potential students faced a number of other concerns that were preventing them from moving into technology.  In short, the risk still felt too great. Many expressed fears in entering an entirely unfamiliar industry, particularly when their previous exposure to these topics were limited.  For most, signing on for our full-stack bootcamp meant leaving a current job, risking their family’s livelihood, to enter an industry, subject matter, and physical space that was unfamiliar to them.  All before they knew whether they would enjoy coding, or succeed at it. A more realistic pathway was critically needed.

Pre-bootcamp is designed to address each of these blockers.  Over the course of five weeks of introductory programming, students will gain a basic understanding of computational thinking and software development practices, all delivered by We Can Code IT instructors, using our proven project-and problem-based methods.  Sessions will be held outside of normal work hours, hosted in targeted neighborhoods in partnership with trusted community organizations. Pre-bootcamp is offered free of charge to students.

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Our hope is that, with the initial foundation laid, students will have the opportunity to try coding out before making a life-changing commitment.  Our team will be available throughout each session to help students who discover a passion and talent for tech transition into our full-stack bootcamp and, ultimately, into a fantastic new career.

Our first session will be held in partnership with PNC Fairfax Connection and St. Adalbert Catholic School. There will be five sessions held for five consecutive Saturdays beginning November 23rd.

Pre-Bootcamp is here to provide you with a chance to experience coding in a way that works best for them. We want to be able to assist you in creating opportunities with the chance of changing your careers. If this is something that you may be interested in sign up below! We are looking forward to helping introduce you to new opportunities.


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