New 14-Week Course in ‘Full-Stack JavaScript’ Meets Growing Employer Demand for Skilled Web Developers

We Can Code IT is first local coding bootcamp to offer Full-Stack JavaScript training on hottest software development tools for career changers and tech skill seekers.

Websites are essential to every business, from large enterprises to small businesses and startups – and so are the developers who create them. We Can Code IT, the premier coding bootcamp with a mission to increase inclusion in the tech industry, recognizes the growing demand for web developers skilled in the most pervasive programming language on the web application scene: Full-Stack JavaScript.

At its Columbus location, We Can Code IT is launching a new 14-week summer JavaScript course on May 13. It is focused entirely on training developers in the fundamental and hands-on skills needed to become full-stack JavaScript developers.

A “full-stack” developer is capable of working on both the “front end” of a website (the part that users see and interact with, including layout, font, menus and more) as well as the “back end” (the unseen technology powering the site, including the server, application and database.)

Don Hamilton has been developing software for the past six years and has a passion for the JavaScript development platform. He designs and teaches the JavaScript curriculum for We Can Code IT. “The industry is moving in this direction, and we’re the only local bootcamp offering anything like this,” says Hamilton, “For applications on the web, there’s a big push for JavaScript. It’s attractive to employers locally and nationwide because full-stack JavaScript developers can write the whole web application in
one single language.”

The We Can Code IT JavaScript course uses their hands-on classroom teaching model for adults. The 14-week course is accelerated, with a full-day 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 pm schedule. “It’s intensive but with a relax feel,” says Hamilton. “We dig into the fundamentals and give students practical skills to build applications. We help them learn to do it right, using test-driven development and agile methodologies considered best practices in the software development world.”

Employers Seeking Full-Stack JavaScript Developers

Caroline Glaser is Senior Account Manager with Apex Systems in Dublin Ohio, one of the largest workforce solution companies in the nation. She partners with We Can Code IT to help prepare students for the job hunt and place them with employers after graduation. “Apex has a good perspective on trends and hot technologies. We’ve seen a big shift as JavaScript has evolved and it’s gotten our attention. We’ve seen big well-known companies adopt the concept of full-stack JavaScript developers. Then we started seeing it happen at smaller companies and startups wanting to keep up with other players in the industry.”

Columbus employers have told Glaser they’re excited about the We Can Code IT Full-Stack JavaScript course and are already connecting with current students as potential developers. “JavaScript is a very open-source tool and it’s everywhere,” says Glaser. “The We Can Code IT course is an exciting opportunity for anyone interested in the market’s hottest technology – especially those who want to make a career change or advance in the web development industry.”

The Full-Stack JavaScript course requires no tech background but demands “a drive to work hard and a passion to learn,” says Hamilton. “We go from core basics to building full-stack web applications. We’ll take you from no knowledge to ready for a junior level development job.” The final three weeks of the course involve team projects to plan and build out their own web application. On a final “Demo Day,” teams present their projects to local employers seeking developers. Students who successfully complete the course earn a state-board certified certificate of completion. We Can Code IT cites a 90% placement rate and $56k average starting salary for their graduates.

To learn more and register for the We Can Code IT Full-Stack JavaScript course in Columbus, visit In the future, We Can Code IT plans to launch the course at their Cleveland location.