Nana's Story

Nana Yirenkyi’s Story


Nana Yirenkyi had a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a minor in black studies. After completing his undergrad, he began to review the job market and realized that he wanted to change direction to align his skill set with a desire to land a high paying job in the exploding tech market. Read his story here!

Bootcamp Grad Lands A Job Immediately After He Presents His Final Project

Nana read all the positive reviews for WCCI and then dove into more research of the program. He learned that WCCI’s full-stack Java educational offering was in line with most of the tech job openings that he was seeing in the Columbus, OH area. Nana was optimistic about starting the program.

Nana Yirenkyi

When asked about how much coding experience he had prior to attending WCCI, Nana jokingly replied, “Zero to none.”  He was hoping to change that with the first day of full-time bootcamp, and was pleasantly surprised at the professional and supportive WCCI staff and instructors that he encountered. In Nana’s words, they were “Very welcoming, knowledgeable and helpful.” He found the classroom environment to be perfectly set up for success. “The environment created from day one made it easy for everyone to thrive. There was no hostility and no such thing as a “dumb” question. Everyone was on board and ready to learn.”

Not only did Nana find the WCCI staff and instructors to be instrumental in his success, he also quickly developed an appreciation for the quality of his fellow students. The combination of staff, instructors and fellow students fostered an environment where he didn’t hesitate to ask questions and was a team player.  His classmates were “so helpful.”

Nana found that WCCI’s educational value didn’t end with in-class instruction. The instructors were extremely accommodating in their willingness to provide outside-of-class tutoring that made learning to code so much easier. He also took full advantage of the available workshops to learn valuable lessons. These opportunities for additional instruction combined with collaborative study sessions that Nana and his classmates planned ensured success.

To further strengthen Nana’s prospects of landing the job of his dreams, WCCI career services worked tirelessly with him. Nana described their efforts, “Career services built me a strong resume to help stand out.” They also, “ Helped with technical interview ideas and mock interviews. I think this played a huge role in my experience.”

Armed with the tools provided by WCCI, Nana presented his final project to his class and prospective employers at WCCI demo day. He promptly received and accepted a job offer from Chase Bank. Only 2 weeks after graduating from bootcamp and Nana began his new position!

Nana left a few sage words for incoming WCCI bootcamp students, “Be ready to learn. Be ready to take in everything. It’s not as intimidating as it seems. Once you dive into it, you will get a lot out of the program!”  Well said, Nana.


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