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jp morgan chase cleveland columbus tech job

Our Current Microcredential Offerings

Intro to Programming

Kickstart your career in tech by learning the core principles of software development in our comprehensive introductory course.

C# and .NET Development

Focused, intensive training on C# programming, covering fundamental concepts, syntax, and real-world application development, aimed at equipping learners with job-ready skills.

Beginner SQL

Unlock the world of data with our SQL Mastery course. Learn to create, manipulate, and query databases and open doors to exciting career opportunities.

Advanced SQL

Aimed at professionals with a foundational understanding of SQL or those adept in other programming languages, this program is meticulously crafted to deepen your database knowledge. 

Digital Literacy and Applications

Expand your understanding of essential digital tools and applications, fostering both personal and professional growth in our increasingly digital world.

Cybersecurity Foundations

Designed for those looking to fortify their understanding of digital security principles and practices. This program meticulously covers essential cybersecurity concepts and defensive strategies, providing a robust foundation for safeguarding information in an increasingly vulnerable digital world.

Data Analysis Fundamentals Using Excel

Perfect for individuals aiming to master data manipulation and analysis techniques within this powerful spreadsheet tool. The course is carefully structured to build your proficiency in Excel, turning raw data into insightful, actionable information, essential for informed decision-making in any professional setting.

AWS Technical Essentials

Tailored for those aspiring to navigate the expansive AWS cloud platform with confidence and expertise. This course methodically introduces fundamental AWS services, architectures, and best practices, laying the groundwork for advanced cloud-based solutions and innovations.

Developing on AWS

Designed for individuals eager to dive deep into building scalable, high-performing applications on the AWS cloud platform. This course meticulously guides you through the core AWS services, application deployment, and best practices, empowering you to develop robust cloud-based solutions.


Deep dive into understanding and leveraging this cutting-edge technology. This course is crafted to elevate your skills in AI-driven interactions, equipping you with the knowledge to innovate and excel in digital communication landscapes.

What Is a Microcredential?

A microcredential is a certification indicating competence in a specific skill or a small set of skills, often focused on emerging or specialized areas. It’s typically earned through shorter, targeted learning experiences, such as online courses or workshops, and is designed to provide learners with tangible proof of their abilities and knowledge in a particular area, supplementing traditional degrees or qualifications.

Why Take Microcredentials?

Real-World Application

Our curriculum bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical application in the tech industry. You'll tackle projects that mirror real software development challenges, arming you with the problem-solving skills needed for effective software design and implementation.

Comprehensive Learning

Dive into the world of programming, covering everything from basic syntax to advanced concepts in software development. Our course is designed to provide you with a robust foundation in building scalable and efficient applications. Engage in hands-on coding exercises and real-world projects to develop essential skills for a career in technology.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the wisdom of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the technology sector. Our instructors are dedicated to coding and teaching, offering personalized feedback and insights to help you grasp complex concepts with ease.

Career Advancement

With the continuous demand for skilled developers across various sectors, including software, web, and game development, this course equips you to seize numerous career opportunities. Enhance your marketability and open doors to potential growth in the tech industry.

Earn Recognition

After successfully completing the course and the final assessment, you'll be awarded a certificate of completion. This certificate serves as a testament to your expertise in the covered programming language or technology, enhancing your professional profile on platforms like LinkedIn and your resume.

Supportive Community

Join an active, vibrant community of learners ranging from novices to seasoned experts. Share ideas, collaborate on projects, and forge meaningful connections within a supportive and dynamic educational setting.