We Can Code IT CEO Featured in July/August issue of Inside Business

Mel McGee Discusses Her Tech Roots and Entrepreneurship with a Renowned Publication

We Can Code IT CEO Mel McGee is featured in the July/August 2015.  Mel recalls that from the age of 10 she pursued her interests in learning programming while working in her parents’ real estate office. That early interest in tech, along with years of education, lead to her starting her first tech company in 1996, when the internet was just gaining recognition.

Since then, Mel has gone on to start several tech ventures. Mel discusses her launch of an augmented reality app called Rovar last year and her choice to discontinue it. Mel learned from this experience that it is vital for entrepreneurs to get feedback from unbiased sources –not just family and friends –as well as make sure their product is something that fills a need for people.

Mel is now focusing her energy on We Can Code IT, the only coding bootcamp in Cleveland, Ohio. Under Mel’s leadership, We Can Code IT is diversifying tech teams in Northeast Ohio and providing women and diverse populations with the training they need to pursue lucrative careers in tech.

Certified by Ohio’s Board of Career Colleges and Schools, We Can Code IT plans to expand in order to meet the ever-growing demand for jobs in tech. 

If you’d like to experience a mini We Can Code IT bootcamp during one of We Can Code IT’s free Coding Experiences, register through our Meetup group.

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