Make Your Own Virtual Pet in Scratch Workshop for Girls


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Girls, ages 8+, will love learning how to create their very own virtual pet using the simple to use programming language, Scratch! Girls will have a blast designing and creating their pet,  coding commands to make it walk, wag its tail, feed it, pet it, play with it . . . all with the goal of keeping its happiness at the highest levels.

They are having fun, while expressing their creativity and learning programming! Our end goal is to immerse them in the creation of tech, and provide computational skills that will help them excel in the 21st century.
Yep, it’s a bit like hiding peas in the mac and cheese. Girls, ages 8+, love it because they are making their own pet-themed game. You’ll love it because they are learning the computational thinking and programming,  an important life-skill that schools aren’t well equipped to teach.
Are you interested in hanging out too and learning Scratch too? No problem, adults, just get an extra ticket for yourself, and let us know you’re joining us.

Proudly offered by We Can Code It, with support from Bizdom Cleveland, we’ll provide fun instruction, donuts, and juice for the girls.



  • Make your own virtual pet on your computer!
  • Is it a puppy? A kitten?
  • What will you name her?
  • Is it a girl or a boy?
  • What will you teach it to do?
  • You’ll make your own pet and program everything by yourself.
  • It’s your own program, so you get to make it exactly how you want it!
  • You can code it, it’s easy!



Your girls will be learning programming using the free and easy to use Scratch  language developed by MIT. Scratch was created for beginners, and feels a bit like online Lego blocks.  We’ll show the girls, and you, if you join us, how to make a virtual pet. They will learn programming, computational thinking, logic structures and more, in this very engaging process. They’ll see how fun it is to CREATE with a computer, not just USE a computer. Yep, we’re hiding peas in the mac and cheese!

Feel free to get a ticket for yourself and learn with your favorite girls! If you do not purchase a ticket, you may hang out in the lobby area, have fun in Tower City, the casino, or hang out downtown, but we ask that you do not crowd the instruction area.


Bizdom Cleveland at Tower City

250 W. Huron Rd.

Suite 203

Cleveland, OH 44113

(We’ll send you exact directions in an email)


Girls, ages 8+. No experience necessary.


Saturday, September 20, 2014. 10 AM to 12PM.

Update as of 8/26/14 We ARE providing computers!

Because of a generous donation of over a dozen laptops, we will be providing laptops to all participants of this workshop! If you see anything else stated, it is because we haven’t had a chance to update this latest status yet.


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