From Marine Corps to Coding: How We Can Code IT’s Veteran-friendly Bootcamp Transformed Kevin’s Career in Tech


Discover how We Can Code IT's veteran-friendly coding bootcamp transformed Kevin's career, empowering him to transition from the Marine Corps to a thriving tech job as a software engineer.

As a veteran, Kevin’s transition from the Marine Corps to a successful career in software engineering is a testament to the transformative power of We Can Code IT (WCCI). WCCI’s coding bootcamp offers comprehensive support and various funding options for veterans, including VET TEC and the GI Bill, making it an ideal choice for those looking to change their careers.

Kevin’s journey began with a high school education and minimal HTML knowledge. He was drawn to We Can Code IT after hearing about the success stories of previous graduates and staff.

“I had a friend who worked there, and while I was searching, I saw a lot of success stories that came from We Can Code IT,” Kevin said.

Upon joining We Can Code IT, Kevin was immediately impressed by the friendly and supportive staff and instructors, who were dedicated to helping students advance their programming careers.

Kevin's Veteran WCCI Success Story

“What I liked most about my We Can Code IT experience was how everyone was there for the same reason. We all wanted to change our careers. It was a healthy environment for learning,” Kevin shared.

One of the most valuable skills Kevin acquired at We Can Code IT was learning how to approach code and problem-solving. The instructors provided real-world examples and hands-on learning experiences, making it easier for him to grasp complex concepts.

“WCCI made my experience learning to code easier. They show real examples of how things are supposed to be done, and you get the opportunity to work on it and do the same thing. It is more geared towards your experience,” Kevin explained.

The bootcamp’s career services played a crucial role in preparing Kevin for the job market, providing him with the necessary tools and one-on-one meetings to make his LinkedIn profile stand out to employers.

“They gave me the tools and one-on-one meetings that were necessary for me to find the job and become appealing to employers,” Kevin said.

Kevin’s hard work and determination, combined with the support of We Can Code IT Career Coaches, paid off when he landed a position as a Software Engineer I at Savage Software just five days after graduating. Now, he’s enjoying a fulfilling career, working from home and relocating from Ohio to North Carolina.

Kevin’s story highlights the life-changing opportunities We Can Code IT offers, especially for veterans seeking a new career path. We Can Code IT’s dedicated staff, tailored learning experiences, and funding options make it an excellent choice for veterans looking to transform their lives through coding.