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We Can Code IT as a Proud Partner of JPMC


JP Morgan Chase partners with We Can Code IT to empower diverse talent in tech, creating opportunities in Ohio. Graduates secure positions, driving economic growth.

Breaking Barriers: How JP Morgan Chase and We Can Code IT are Building an Inclusive Tech Workforce in Ohio

As a diverse tech talent provider, We Can Code IT is proud to be partnered with JP Morgan Chase, one of the largest private employers in Ohio. In a recent article published by The Columbus Dispatch titled “How big is JPMorgan Chase in Ohio? CEO Dimon lays out scope in annual shareholder letter,” it was highlighted how JP Morgan Chase’s presence in Ohio has brought significant economic growth and job opportunities to the state.

At We Can Code IT, we are dedicated to empowering individuals from underrepresented communities to pursue careers in the tech industry. Our partnership with JP Morgan Chase has been instrumental in providing our graduates with exciting employment opportunities. Two of our talented graduates, Gian Ramirez and Dasmine Wright, have recently secured positions as Software Developers at JP Morgan Chase, a testament to their hard work, determination, and the support of our program.

Gian Ramirez, one of our graduates, shared, “Through We Can Code IT, I gained not only technical skills but also the confidence to pursue my passion and launch a successful career in tech.” This showcases the impact our program has on empowering individuals to pursue their dreams and succeed in the tech industry.

Dasmine Wright, another one of our graduates, expressed her gratitude towards We Can Code IT, saying, “There was a lot of good energy and genuine spirits. My previous experience in the education system felt like instructors were there for the check. Everyone at WCCI, including career services and instructors, cared about our success and impacted how we could get jobs after.” This highlights the supportive and caring environment we strive to create for all our students, providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed in their tech careers.

JP Morgan Chase’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident in their hiring practices and their recognition of the value that diverse talent brings to the tech industry. By partnering with We Can Code IT, JP Morgan Chase has taken a proactive approach towards building a more inclusive workforce, providing opportunities for individuals who may have faced barriers to entry in the tech field.

As a result of this partnership, our graduates have been able to secure meaningful employment, contributing to the economic growth of Ohio and making a positive impact in the tech industry. We are proud to be associated with JP Morgan Chase and grateful for the opportunities they have provided to our graduates.

We Can Code IT is also grateful to The Columbus Dispatch for their coverage of JP Morgan Chase’s impact on Ohio’s economy. The article shed light on the scope of JP Morgan Chase’s presence in the state and the opportunities they are creating for local talent.

In conclusion, our partnership with JP Morgan Chase has been instrumental in empowering diverse tech talent in Ohio. We are proud of our graduates like Gian Ramirez and Dasmine Wright who have secured positions as Software Developers at JP Morgan Chase, and we are grateful to The Columbus Dispatch for their coverage of JP Morgan Chase’s contributions to Ohio’s economy. Together, we are working towards a more inclusive tech industry that values diverse talent and creates opportunities for underrepresented communities.

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