From Carpenter to Coder: Bootcamp Grad Finds Fast Employment as Software Engineer

Jordan Easter had a high school diploma and was a certified commercial carpenter prior to attending We Can Code IT (WCCI). He received a grant through Ohio Means Jobs that funded the majority of his Part-time Java bootcamp experience. Jordan had no coding experience prior to training at WCCI. 


Jordan quickly found that WCCI was a great fit for him. Cliff, Jordan’s instructor, describes Jordan in four words, “Advocate. Confident. Enthusiastic. Humble.”  In reference to WCCI’s Bootcamp, Jordan states that “We Can Code IT promotes change in diversity for underrepresented people around the nation, and I embody that.” 

Jordan credits a lot of his success in bootcamp to his instructors and the community he found in his WCCI cohort classmates, “The instructors are always available for questions. There was already a lot of experience in my class. I didn’t schedule any one-on-ones with instructors because my classmates would pick things up and vice versa. They made it easy whenever you needed help. You could go to the Slack channel and get assistance whether it was from student success, a student, or an instructor, there was always somebody there to help.” 

WCCI’s unparalleled commitment to student success helped Jordan land a job as a software engineer at Dealer Tire before he graduated. Today, Jordan works for a Visa solution, CardinalCommerce. Jordan attributes his success to the Career Advancement Team at WCCI. “The job search process was great. They [Career Services Team] do a really good job. I followed what they said to a “T”,  and I already had 4-5 interviews. I got the first job I interviewed for by using her advice.“ 

Jordan’s experience at WCCI is proof that when student perseverance meets the preparation provided by WCCI’s Full-stack bootcamp program, anything is possible. Jordan provided some encouraging words to prospective WCCI Students, “They [WCCI] really put me right in position and gave me all of the tools I would need.”

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