Recent College Grad Jack Begins a Career in Data Analytics after Attending WCCI


Jack recently started his professional career in sales after his college graduation. He enrolled in our coding bootcamp once he realized sales was not the career for him. Today, Jack works for Key Bank as a Credit Risk Analyst. Check out his story here!

Jack was in sales at Rocket Mortgage right after graduating from Miami University with a degree in Political Science. He wasn’t happy with his new job in sales and wanted to boost his resume to try a different career. He was referred to We Can Code IT (WCCI) by his cousin, who recently graduated from WCCI and quickly secured a job upon graduation.

Jack was grateful for his positive experience from the beginning to the end of his cohort. From the start, Jack described the Admissions Team as “knowledgeable and willing to answer all of the questions I had while also reassuring me that I would get what I needed out of the experience.“

Jack Jolliffe Student Story Quote

Even though he didn’t have any coding experience before bootcamp, Jack had an easy time learning to code. When asked if he would be better off learning to code at WCCI rather than on his own, Jack responded, “Yes absolutely. The most valuable part about WCCI is the instructors. You have someone there who will answer any questions you have. Teaching yourself, you wouldn’t be able to ask questions besides Google, which takes a lot of time and you might not find up-to-date answers or what you are looking for. It’s nice having someone there to guide you through the problems you have.” From Jack’s recent experience as a college graduate, he is used to recognizing what connotes a positive learning experience.

During the closing remarks, Jack had a piece of advice to offer prospective WCCI students. Jack said “Take advantage of your time at WCCI. You have instructors for 14 whole weeks. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because they are there to help you and will often stay late to do so. Take advantage of this opportunity and the other students in the cohort. Ask how they did certain things and you will do just fine. Also, keep up with Career Services because they are also there to help. They do a good job.“ Because of the connections he made through the Career Services Team, Jack took an opportunity to attend a career fair where he met a representative from Key Bank.

Today, Jack is working in data analytics as a Credit Risk Analyst at KeyBank. He has proven that students directly out of college can successfully find a new career path. Jack is excited to begin his new job in the tech industry.