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In a fast-paced, technology-driven world, success relies on staying ahead of the curve. As a leading tech training provider, We Can Code IT understands the importance of continuous learning and development in the workplace. Our Employer Training Programs are designed to provide your employees with the up-to-date technical skills they need to help your business thrive.

Partner with us to harness the power of inclusive tech education. We specialize in developing diverse talent and fostering a culture of curiosity, innovation, and problem-solving. Our ready-made and tailored programs will not only upgrade your team’s tech skills but also enhance their ability to think creatively and adapt in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Join us in building tomorrow’s tech leaders within your organization today.

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Why Partner With We Can Code IT?

  • Unparalleled Quality of Education: Our coding bootcamp is renowned for its rigorous, comprehensive curriculum and exceptional instructors. We take pride in providing top-tier, hands-on training that prepares individuals to excel in the tech industry.
  • Virtual or In-Person Instructor-led Training: Your place, ours, or in the Cloud!
  • Ready-Made and Customized Learning Pathways: Software development, C#, Java, web development, Cyber Security, InfoSec, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, or even AI, we’re here to help you affordably train your team!
  • Promoting Diversity and Inclusion: We firmly believe in creating a diverse and inclusive tech industry. We provide opportunities to traditionally underrepresented groups in tech, fostering a rich, diverse talent pipeline for your organization.
  • Proven Outcomes: We’ve successfully partnered with names even your grandma knows like Amazon, Progressive, and University Hospitals to provide Business-to-Business tech education. Let us show you why Progressive called us, “Partners, not just vendors.”
  • Continued Support: Our partnership doesn’t end with the completion of the training. We offer post-training support to ensure the smooth application of new skills in the workplace.

Our Tailored Training Programs

We currently offer PreSkill, ReSkill and UpSkill courses.

  • PreSkill is our introductory course created for those who are beginners in tech. These preparatory courses are designed to equip students with the basic knowledge and skills they’ll need to grasp the basic understanding of web and software development.
    • Our PreSkill course currently consists of:
      • Coding Fundamentals
      •  Intro to Web Development
      • Intro to Software Development
      • Resume Developing Workshop With Career Services
  • ReSkill is a bit more advanced than our PreSkill course and consists of our coding bootcamp. Our full-time courses take place during the weekdays and simulate a real-life work environment. The part-time program takes place on Saturday and Sundays, so
    • Our ReSkill course currently offers:
      • Full-time Java (14 weeks)
      • Part-time Java (22 weeks)
      • Full-time C# .NET (14 weeks)
      • Cyber Security (Starting Fall 2023)
      • Data Analytics and Engineering (Starting Fall 2023)
  • UpSkill is created for those who already have previous experience in the tech field and are hoping to dive deeper into certain concepts. This can be coding bootcamp graduates with experience in software development or people with prior computer experience looking to learn about automation or data organization.
    • Our UpSkill courses currently include:
      • Low Code No Code Automation/ Zapier
      • SQL (all versions)
      • Low Code/No Code Development with Zapier: (Sign up for Summer/Fall 2023)
      • ChatGPT/OpenAI API Development: (Sign up for Summer/Fall 2023)
      • Introduction to Python for Data Analytics: (Sign up for Summer/Fall 2023)
      • Prompt Engineering ChatGPT for Everyone: (Sign up for Summer/Fall 2023)
      • Microsoft Excel for Data Analysis: (Sign up for Summer/Fall 2023)

The perks of our programs include:

  • Flexible Delivery Modes: Whether it’s on-site at your location, online, or a blended model, we accommodate your needs and constraints to ensure the most effective learning environment.
  • Professional Instructors: Our industry-experienced instructors provide engaging, hands-on training and are dedicated to the success of your team.
  • Real-World Projects: Our curriculum is designed with a focus on practical application. Learners work on projects that mimic real-world scenarios to better understand the application of their new skills.
  • Career Services: We offer soft skills training, resume reviews, and interview preparation to ensure your team is ready to apply their new tech skills in the most effective way.

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