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Hugh McGee’s Student Story


Before bootcamp, Hugh McGee spent 12 years of his life as a night watch guard at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Read his story here!

Cleveland Museum of Art Night Watch Guard Transforms His Career Into Software Development

Hugh's quote

Before bootcamp, Hugh McGee spent 12 years of his life as a night watch guard at the Cleveland Museum of Art. 

He wanted to pursue a new career in tech through a local program. Luckily, We Can Code IT had a school located in Cleveland, where Hugh is from. 

“They have an excellent reputation,” said Hugh. 

Going into bootcamp, Hugh did not have any coding experience at all. He found the program challenging, but also very rewarding. He learned one lesson in particular 

Hugh said, “It may sound like a cliche, but say yes to everything. Just saying yes to opportunities that will come across your way because you never know how they will help you change and {what} further opportunities will open up for you down the road.” 

Hugh has shown that even without any coding experience going into bootcamp it is possible to come out successful and ready to start a new career and life. 

However, to learn these advanced skills in such little time it takes precise teaching techniques. The help from Hugh’s dedicated instructors strongly impacted his bootcamp experience. He mentioned his instructors made themselves constantly available to assist at any hour of the day.  Hugh appreciated that We Can Code IT also has tutors and after class tutorial sessions where people are able to review information they have recently been taught. This teaching technique is used to ensure every student is capable of digesting the instructed material. Essentially, students are not left behind during their bootcamp experience and are given the maximum amount of resources they will need in order to succeed. 

Hugh never said no, and now enjoys a new career which challenges him everyday to become a better version of himself.

“I feel like it is an excellent, excellent opportunity for those who need to make a career change like I did. We see the world is moving more and more to a technological workspace. It’s a great way to have a platform and launch your career in the tech space. I feel that technical schools are a better way to go than 4 year universities based on the immediate payback that you will earn, you will make way more than a 4 year program,” Hugh affirmed.

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