Coding Bootcamp Free Computer

At We Can Code IT we pride ourselves on championing social equity through technology. It is our duty to students to eradicate any mountains which they may have to climb to graduate and/or maximize their learning from our bootcamp. One of these major obstacles is technology, which we are ensuring exceed standards in coding bootcamp and higher education settings. For you, this means better technology experiences overall creating a seamless transition into software and web development.

Students may not be able to control the technology accessible to them, but we can. So, it’s time to level the playing field…EVERY We Can Code IT graduate in our Fall cohort (starting on November 9th) will be provided with free laptops and peripherals*. And when we say free we mean it! The costs of the provided technology are fully subsidized and will not be rolled into the overall cost of tuition. Additionally, students who need internet access can be accommodated via emailing

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* You must graduate from the coding bootcamp in order to keep your new laptop and peripherals.

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