FlexCode™ Coding Bootcamp

A hybrid coding bootcamp model that makes learning easier, more convenient and more flexible!

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Hybrid Coding Bootcamp



Online modules with in-person class “Code Jams” held two weekends per month.

Java Focus

  • Learn foundational concepts with dynamic, online “blended learning” modules and interactive videos – designed to save you time and expenses, like transportation and childcare.
  • Weekly one-on-one sessions with instructors and career specialists!
  • Get in-person support from mentors and peers – and do “pair-programming” with expert instructors.
  • Stay engaged and accountable – your key to success.

The onsite portion of this coding bootcamp program is offered at both Cleveland and Columbus locations.


50 Public Square, Suite 200
Cleveland, OH 44113


2645 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43202

Results-Oriented Progressive Tech Education

Our Flexcode™ program offers the same modern educational experience as our in-person program which includes collaborative learning, capstone projects and a strong focus on career services; all while giving you the flexibility of a primarily remote environment.

We Can Code IT students solve a challenge together.

Our coding bootcamp students present their capstone project to employers.

Coding bootcamp student interviews with a potential employer at Career Day.

Why combine online learning with in-person?

This hybrid or “blended learning” model actually improves learning outcomes! A study by Ohio State University’s Academic Learning Lab showed that students using a hybrid instructional model combining web-based and classroom components achieved the highest GPAs, relative to past performance. The hybrid model “seemed to provide students both structure and opportunity for involvement in the learning process.”


Do I still get a supportive bootcamp community?

Yes! We’ve built-in the same support you’ve come to expect from We Can Code IT into a new flexible model to fit your busy life!

You’ll meet with instructors and your student success coach weekly (your choice of web meeting or in-person) and take part in group coding weekends twice a month. You’ll also work with your peers on a weekly basis, joining together remotely using collaboration software for pair-programming sessions or projects.

What do I learn in FlexCode™?

You get Full Stack development training – giving you in-demand front-end and back-end skills for way more job opportunities. You get the same high-quality bootcamp training We Can Code IT offers in the classroom – plus career services to help you land the high-paying job you want.

Technical Skills:

Career Services:







Pair Programming

Agile Methodology/Scrum


Spring MVC

Understanding Your Path


LinkedIn Profile with Headshot

Communication and Messaging


Career and Employer Events

Mock Interviews

Group & Individual Support

Final Projects

Even though new languages arise frequently, it’s most important for developers to master core, legacy languages. By and large, employers’ most common requirement today are JavaScript and Java. Nearly 50% of employers in all industries are looking for developers who know these core languages.


How does FlexCode™ work?

  • Meet your cohort and facilitators – we start with an in-person weekend +1 orientation (+1 is either a Friday or a Monday, depending on the cohort schedule)
  • Gain full access to online learning modules with 20-25 hours/week of foundational material
  • Work on team assignments during in-person classroom meetings 2 weekends/month for 16 weeks 
  • Stay supported with 1-on-1 weekly remote pair-programming sessions with a seasoned developer plus online group sessions with your cohort and remote community assistance
  • Get empowered with online career training & homework plus 1-on-1 weekly meetings with your Student Success Coach
  • Continue your education with post-bootcamp training options to help you maintain and improve your skills with individualized career plans


Let FlexCode™ work for you… and your busy life. With flexible online courses, in-person classes and a support community … you will transform your life and advance your career!

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