Beaumont School in Cleveland thought a great addition to highlight their new STEM wing would be to get their girls up and running with weekly We Can Code IT programming workshops. As an after-school program focused on engaging high school girls in STEM and coding, Beaumont students have the opportunity to engage their minds in new ways through computational thinking and by creating an understanding of foundational programming principles used in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Students are exposed to free tools they can use to build upon their understanding of coding, while stepping into new educational comfort zones in an approachable learning environment that fosters curiosity.

Beaumont School values inquiry-based science and technology education. And Like We Can Code IT, Beaumont believes attracting and retaining more women in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics industries will produce new levels of innovation in the field.

Try out our free computer programming workbooks for K-12 teachers and students or our free online coding tutorials for parents and educators.

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