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jp morgan chase cleveland columbus tech job

What Our Students Offer

Well-Trained Candidates

Our students all come from a common foundation of smarts and emotional intelligence — we select students based on their ability to learn quickly and to thrive in a development team environment. Not only do we test students for such qualities, we train them from week one in test-driven development, and agile Scrum team practices. Students are well versed in Java or .NET C#, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. They learn REST APIs, Object-Oriented programming, MVC patterns of development, databases, and more. Additionally, they learn practical software and web development tools like Git, Git Bash, GitHub, Slack, Zoom, and IDEs like Visual Studio, IntelliJ, and Visual Studio Code. We teach them to work with package managers, how to commit, push, merge, work on GitHub projects in Scrum and Kanban styles… essentially amazingly practical skills over the theoretical. They know how to develop strong, clean, working software both individually, in pairs, and on teams.

Diverse Student Body

Our students are amazing people with tremendous diversity in experiences, gender, age, and ethnicities. They have chosen our program because they are extremely motivated to pursue a career in a fast-paced field and are committed to becoming lifelong learners. We don’t just take everyone. It takes a special person who can learn at the intense pace of a bootcamp. In addition to interviews, we use a highly validated third- party assessment to evaluate students and their ability to learn. Our pre-selection process, assures that we deliver well-rounded employees who are not only smart and motivated, but have the business and technical skills to work in your environment.

We Can Code IT’s mission, Championing Social Equity Through Technology, isn’t just lip service. Our founder, an experienced developer herself, wanted to help more women and People of Color feel invited to tech because she experienced imposter syndrome herself. Our students are diverse and we hold them to high standards, not only in coding, but in culture. The result for you is that you get emotionally intelligent software developers who are a good culture fit as well as great at their jobs!

Industry Accolades

We’ve been awarded Course Report’s prestigious “Best Coding Bootcamp” multiple years in a row! Our problem/project-based educational methods, and a strong focus on teaching developers difficult software practices, like testing and test-driven development, up-front, make our curriculum unique. Our educational approach ensures developers not only learn the most in their short time with us but that they learn how to be active and engaged problem-solvers for life.

Our Proven Employer Engagement Process


Learn about our process.


Showcase your company to our talented students and graduates.


Our team curates resumes, schedules interviews, and announces job postings. Participate in interviews, one-on-ones, demo days, events, panels, and other recruiting efforts.


Hire well-trained, diverse students that are a fit for your organization.

Hire With Our Apprenticeship Program

Benefits of Hiring an Apprentice:

Well-Trained Developers

Our students are equipped with practical skills over the theoretical. They are proficient in Java or .NET C#, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and have hands-on experience with tools like Git, GitHub, Slack, Zoom, and various IDEs. With training in test-driven development and agile Scrum practices, they are ready to jump into real-world projects with confidence.

Diverse Backgrounds

Our students come from a myriad of experiences, gender, age, and ethnic backgrounds. They are passionate about technology and have been vetted through rigorous interviews and assessments. Their dedication to learning and adaptability makes them ideal candidates for apprenticeships.

Emotionally Intelligent

We don’t just train our students to code; we prepare them to be effective team members. They are emotionally intelligent, adaptable, and culturally aware, ensuring they can seamlessly integrate into any team environment.


Bringing on an apprentice is a cost-effective way to build your workforce with skilled candidates. College graduates can be expensive to recruit and often still come with many training needs, whereas apprentices can start quickly and dive into learning. 

How Our Apprenticeship Program Works

  1. Meet & Learn: Understand the We Can Code IT process and the values we instill in our students.

  2. Promotion & Engagement: Introduce your company to our promising students. Our team will curate resumes, facilitate interviews, and keep you updated with potential matches.

  3. Hire & Mentor: Bring onboard a well-trained, diverse apprentice who aligns with your organization’s values and goals. Provide them with the guidance and mentorship they need to excel.

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