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Pre-bootcamp Selection

Before entering coding bootcamp, students are assessed for their ability to learn the material rapidly. They are further assessed during an interview process to ensure they have the mindset to succeed in class in a collaborative way.

14-Weeks of Immersive Training

We teach skills according to the needs of the community. By meeting with local employers, we fit our curriculum to programming languages and tech skills in demand in your location. Some of our mainstays include computational thinking / problem solving, source control, Agile methodologies, MVC, and Object Oriented Programming.

Career Development

Embedded in our culture is a collaborative maturity that helps students grow beyond tech skills. You’ll notice stellar communication and career skills that set our students apart. Students learn how to work in teams and pairs to solve difficult challenges. They learn how to give constructive criticism and handle feedback maturely.

``We Can Code IT has restored my faith in coding bootcamps.``

Dave Poduska, Foundation Software

The Business Value of Diversity

Diversity on your teams is more than “doing the right thing,” it adds real value to your organization. Harvard Business Review reports that “employees of firms with 2-D diversity (i.e. different skills or backgrounds plus diversity in gender, race or age) are 45% likelier to report a growth in market share over the previous year and 70% likelier to report that the firm captured a new market.”

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.”

Stephen R. Covey

Our students are 2-D diverse!
Diverse Teams Add Real Business Value.

Percent increase in business performance.


Percent more likely to understand that target end-user and innovate accordingly.


Percent rise in sales revenue per 1% increase in diversity.


Percent likelier to capture new market.

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Corporate Coding Bootcamp

Up-skill your underutilized workforce and train current devs on new languages and skills. Clients like GE & University Hospitals have benefited from our agile, collaborative, inclusive approach. Don’t be left behind.

On-boarding Interns & Team Building

There’s real business value in diversity. Let us show you how to maximize it with our network of highly skilled team-building and diversity experts. We can on-board your interns, and train your teams in inclusivity.

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