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On Wednesday, December 11th, students will have successfully completed We Can Code IT’s coding bootcamp and will be prepared to join your company as software developers!

Join us for Demo Day at We Can Code IT and:

  • We’ll send you resumes of our apprentices.
  • You’ll see brief team presentations from our graduates showcasing their final projects, giving you an idea of their coding skills, teamwork, and creativity. An informal Q&A will follow each presentation.
  • After hearing from all groups, there will be a chance to network with candidates.
  • Enjoy free beer, wine and hors d’oeuvres.

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Why Hire From a Coding Bootcamp?

Our Students as People

Our students are amazing people with tremendous diversity in experiences, gender, age, and ethnicities. They have chosen our program because they are extremely motivated to pursue a career in a fast-paced field and are committed to becoming lifelong learners.

We don’t just take everyone. It takes a special person who can learn at the intense pace of a bootcamp. In addition to interviews, we use a highly validated third- party assessment to evaluate students and their ability to learn. Our pre-selection process, assures that we deliver well-rounded employees who are not only smart and motivated, but have the business and technical skills to work in your environment.

“We Can Code IT has restored my faith in coding bootcamps.”
– Dave Poduska, Foundation Software

Technical Skills

We teach the most in-demand skills in the US with a focus on languages and techniques that soundly start our students as software developers with languages such as Java and C#. Our goal is to produce students with experience as full-stack developers while also teaching sound programming best practices like TDD, Scrum/Agile, and source control using Git and GitHub.

Business Communication Skills

To be a successful software developer today, it takes more than just technical skills. Our curriculum develops business communication skills through the integration of project work and class presentations.

Our unique way of starting every class with a “check-in” process, encourages self- confidence while also strengthening the team dynamic. These communication skills are applicable to the business setting where it is imperative to break down the silos.

Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.”
– Stephen R. Covey

Teamwork Skills

Business today requires teamwork throughout the organization so that deadlines can be met and insights can be gained. We integrate the concepts of Agile and Scrum, along with pair programming and group projects throughout our program so that students learn the most modern approaches to team goal setting and communication.

Our Students are Loved By Hundreds of Employers

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