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We Can Code IT (WCCI) is hosting Demo Day on August 31st, 2022 from 1-2:30pm EST. Demo Day showcases top-notch talent as WCCI grads present their capstone projects, network, and field interview questions while interacting with prospective employers. Employers that attend are searching for candidates with qualities that have become synonymous in the software development industry with WCCI graduates: grit, talent, integrity and diversity.

The graduates featured at Demo Day are amazing people with tremendous diversity in experiences, gender, age, and ethnicities. They’ve chosen the WCCI program because they’re extremely motivated to pursue a career in a fast-paced field and are committed to becoming life-long learners.

Not all applicants are taken into the rigorous program. It takes a special person who can learn at the intense pace of a bootcamp. In addition to interviews, the students are vetted using a third-party assessment to evaluate their ability to learn. The pre-selection process assures that WCCI delivers well-rounded employees who are not only smart and motivated, but have the business and technical skills for which employers are looking.

WCCI is now accepting employer partners to attend the exclusive event. Sign up using the Eventbrite link to the right and reserve your spot to review these top-notch candidates!

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