DriveIT Kick off Event

With great support from the Akron economic development community, DriveIT opened their doors for the first time yesterday, April 30, 2018.


DriveIT brings the Akron, OH market a new model for continuous learning of the all-important technical skills. Leveraging the concept of a fitness membership, DriveIT offers “gym” memberships for individuals and companies looking to provide access to ongoing training in important topics such as Business Intelligence, CyberSecurity, Data Science, Digital Marketing, Soft Skills and Software Development. The vision is for companies to invest in people as a way of increasing employee retention as well as building the skill sets companies need.


The company name “DriveIT” represents the mission and purpose of the organization:

  • Develop new skills to meet future strategic needs.
  • Retain key personnel to minimize cost and productivity losses.
  • Immerse in skill acquisition and career development.
  • Verify that competency is being achieved.
  • Empower employees to engage in deliberate improvement.


We Can Code IT has aligned with DriveIT to offer people a continuum of technical learning from coding bootcamp to a programming career. Mel McGee, CEO and founder of We Can Code IT, shared, “Students come to us for an intensive study in software programming. We prepare people to make a career change or to augment an existing skill set and to pursue a career as a software programmer. DriveIT offers our students the opportunity for continuous technical learning after they’ve completed our program and are actively working for a company. We view the education that DriveIT provides as critical to the lifelong learning needed to stay current in a technical field.”


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