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Our specialized career services – aimed at helping non-traditional students, women, and people of color – focus on your specific needs. We have lunch-time / dinner-time talks focusing on the special challenges women and people of color face in tech.

Topics Covered

“I have written eleven books, but each time I think, ‘uh oh, they’re going to find out now. I’ve run a game on everybody, and they’re going to find me out.’ “ – Maya Angelou

Impostor Syndrome is a common issue, especially for women and people of color. We don’t feel that we’re enough. We misperceive our value and worth. We judge ourselves less than what others would judge us. It’s unfortunately one of the most common afflictions that hold us back from being the best we can be.

Experts will help you to identify and manage impostor syndrome. You’ll learn about it, how to gain awareness of it in yourself, how it holds you back, and specific tactics to overcome it.

You are that valuable! Learn to assert yourself confidently while still being yourself in this special session aimed at the rest of us.
Racism, sexism, and all the other “isms” exist. It’s a fact that I’m certain you don’t need us to explain to you. It can be difficult though, especially when you are in the white-male dominated tech industry. We’ll help you explore some of the current issues for people of color and women in tech, we’ll empower you with facts, give you great advice on moving forward despite the bad apples, and answer your individual questions.
Companies need tech talent and they want to attract & keep tech talent. They are finally realizing the technology industry attracts some of the country’s smartest people, many of whom have far more bargaining power than most workers. But it is also a place that often expects total commitment to work.

It’s time to stop choosing between career and family. Companies are recognizing the detrimental effect their absence of work life policies is creating as they are unable to retain talent. We’ll help you consider important questions to consider when you’re interviewing for your job in tech. What are the important parts of your life you need to consider before you take the job…children, aging parents or both, and many of whom are single parents

And it is not a challenge just for women: 37 percent of nonworking men 25 to 54 say family responsibilities are a reason they are not working, according to a New York Times/CBS News/Kaiser Family Foundation poll.

The lack of family-focused policies reflects the need for more diversity in leadership in the workforce.

Did you know LinkedIn is the number one recruiting site? If you don’t have a stellar profile, you’ll be left in the dust. We Can Code IT brings in expert Susie Sharp to give you the best LinkedIn advice around! Receive expert knowledge in the areas of career development and online branding specifically through LinkedIn.
Stand out from the crowd! Get expert advice on crafting your perfect resume so employers understand your story and what you bring to their company. We help you get started with your first draft and make sure your resume really stands out in time for Career Day. IT Recruiters and other professionals volunteer to come alongside our students and help them prepare the perfect resume.
Ok – it’s time to say “Thanks Mom!” because truth is – Manners Matter! Proper etiquette won’t make up for technical knowledge, but it can make or break a career. Learn today’s rules for internal emails and emails to clients, what’s acceptable on social media and what’s appropriate behavior in the workplace. We’ll help make sure you’re noticed for the right reasons!
Learn how to ace behavioral interviews using the STAR method! We teach you this simple and stunningly effective method, as well as great life hacks to maintain confidence and poise throughout your interview. You’ll work on common interview questions during coding bootcamp so you are prepared for anything! Preparation leads to confidence. Confidence and skills will get you the job!
From established banks to tech startups – in today’s economy, every company is a Tech Company. That’s great news as you consider what’s important for you. Are you looking for flexibility or is job security more important. Do you need benefits or are you willing to take a risk with an opportunity for partial ownership in a company. Companies of all kinds need developers like you. We’ll help you consider the benefits of different company cultures so you can make the right choice.
Networking and interviewing situations can be uncomfortable for anyone. We’ll introduce strategies to help you highlight the advantages of your personality whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert and prepare you for the social interactions that are so important to landing the best job. Being introverted doesn’t have to slow your progress when it comes time to ramp up your career. In fact, introverts have many characteristics that help them succeed in the IT world. However, it’s important you understand your characteristics and can control — and even take advantage of — them.
Practice your interview skills with volunteer tech recruiters and talent professionals.
The dreaded tech interview. No one likes them, but many employers use them. We’ll teach you strategies to answer even the most complicated tech questions, and to keep your cool while doing so. Hint, you can pass these even if your answers are wrong. Come find out how!
Now you’re ready to meet the many employers who have been waiting for you to finish coding bootcamp in Cleveland or Columbus, Ohio. These employers are the leaders in the industry as well as cutting edge innovators. They want diverse software developers and now that you’re graduating We Can Code IT Coding Bootcamp, they’re ready to meet you!