Our Mission

Championing Social Equity Through Technology

Coding Academy Mission

Our Mission: Championing Social Equity Through Technology.

We are committed to making people comfortable with the process of learning technology and software development so that all populations can be included in the tech community. Through innovative teaching methods that leverage in-class and hands-on learning, we bridge the knowledge gap to produce talented and diverse tech professionals.

Our Vision: Graduate 10,000 Students by 2030, 70% of Whom are Considered Underrepresented in Tech.

Diversity in Coding Matters

Three of the top five most in-demand occupations are in computer programming.

Employers can’t find enough programmers. On top of that, they crave diversity in their IT departments. Great companies know that multiple perspectives help their teams perform better, which increases their bottom line, yet less than 18% of IT teams are comprised of women, African American, and Hispanic populations.

Our coding bootcamp makes a difference in many lives and businesses. A diverse group of experienced programmers and teachers, we provide the training and career support that our students need. We help employers find talented programmers that have the skills they seek. We help students turn their lives around and gain careers in the lucrative IT industry.

Our Niche: Industry-driven software development education.

Coding Bootcamp Educational Philosophy

Unlike a standard school or other coding bootcamp, we take pride in delivering engaging, personalized, and immersive experiences to bring your strengths to the forefront. Our innovative approach to technology education has given our students the confidence they need to know they can succeed as software developers, web developers, programmers, and analysts. We believe your motivation to learn is more valuable than your previous knowledge. It’s our job to help you learn, your job to give it your all, and given our mutual goal of your success, it’s our combined job to bring out the best software professional in you.

We call ourselves a coding bootcamp, but we do much more than just teach you how to code; we help you become a skilled and creative software developer ready to start a new career and life. We empower you. We open your mind through creative computing. We build on your strengths, and focus on a community, hands-on approach. We help you get the education you need to succeed, but we don’t make you sit through boring lectures and videos to get there. We engage you with your interests in mind and allow you to find your path as an innovative software professional. We make programming fun!