Readers, these testimonials are written as part of a reflection exercise from We Can Code IT coding bootcamp students on their final days of instruction. Students have given permission for us to share them as their gift to you. We hope this gives you an understanding of their experience, and will help prepare you for your coding bootcamp experience.

Dear Future Students,

Prior to starting the bootcamp, I was nervous, a little doubtful, willing to learn something new, and excited all at the same time. The first day of bootcamp we dived right into team building. Right out the gate we were a great team. Each person had a different strength and we used those strengths to work together. From that day forward we became close, always encouraging and motivating.

The bootcamp itself is challenging and a little fast paced, but the instructors are AMAZING!!!! The instructors teach you and prepare you for exactly what you will need in the workplace. They break down everything, so you can clearly understand what is going on. The instructors are always willing to help you without hesitation. The key thing that I have learned from this bootcamp if I want to be successful is too PRACTICE, PRACTICE,and PRACTICE some more. You have to put in the time and effort outside of class if you want to make it through the bootcamp. The instructors are there for you, but they will not baby you. This bootcamp is amazing and I am very grateful for the opportunity. Just enjoy it and take in as much knowledge as you can. SET YOUR MIND TO IT AND BE GREAT!!!

-Brittany Cross Fall 2015 Part-Time

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