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Unlock the power of data to make informed decisions in any industry with our comprehensive Data Analytics course.

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Unlock the Power of Digital Data

Are you excited to step into the realm of technology and start a new career path fueled by data-driven decisions? Ready to harness the power of data to solve problems and generate insights in an entirely new way?

No matter where you are in your professional journey, our data analytics program will take you from mastering the basics to acquiring hands-on, industry-applicable expertise in just a matter of weeks.

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How Do We Define Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is a multidisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data. In the tech industry, Data Analytics analyze large amounts of raw and processed data to find patterns that can benefit the company and drive strategic business decisions. Jobs in data analytics include roles such as Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, and of course, Data Analytics, each of which involves analyzing and interpreting complex digital data, such as usage statistics of a website, search data, or customer purchase data, to assist a business in its decision-making.

What's in it for you?

What Careers Can You Find In Data Analytics?

Data Storyteller
$45,273 per year

A Data Storyteller is a professional who uses their skills in data analysis and communication to translate complex data findings into clear, engaging, and understandable narratives. They use data visualization tools, context, and storytelling techniques to provide insights and make data-driven points more compelling and accessible to a variety of audiences, aiding in decision-making and strategic planning.

Data Analyst
$74,827 per year

A Data Analyst is a professional who collects, processes, and performs statistical analyses of large data sets. Their role involves interpreting data, analyzing results using statistical techniques, and providing reports and data-driven insights to help guide business decisions and strategies. They often work with a variety of data sources and analytical tools to improve efficiency and quality of data interpretation.

Data Scientist
$123,842 per year

A Data Scientist is a professional who uses statistical methods, programming skills, and knowledge of the domain to interpret and analyze complex data, extract insights, and help inform decision-making processes. They leverage large volumes of data from various sources, apply machine learning techniques, predictive models, and create algorithms to solve business problems, identify trends, and optimize results.

Data Engineer
$131,181 per year

A Data Engineer is a professional responsible for creating and maintaining the infrastructure for data generation. Their work involves designing, developing, and optimizing data pipelines, databases, and large-scale processing systems, which allow for the collection, storage, and transformation of vast amounts of data to facilitate data analytics and decision-making processes.

Is Data Analytics the Right Fit for You?

Our Data Analytics course is a good fit for you if…
  • Should be able to keep up with evolving data tools and techniques.
  • Should be able to learn then navigate software tools and platforms.
  • Should be able to understand basic mathematical and statistical concepts.

Data Analytics Certification

$ 14,900
  • Gain expertise with in-depth training in essential tools like Python, SQL, and others.
  • Enhance your skills with practical projects, preparing you for real business scenarios and building a robust portfolio.
  • Benefit from dedicated career support, including resume reviews and mock interviews, bolstered by our strong industry partnerships and alumni network.

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